Thursday, July 31, 2008

Office Depot and Staples next week

slider pencil box 0.01
wood ruler 0.01
pencil sharpner 0.01
scholastic crayons 16 ct 0.05
papermate pens 10 pk 0.25
folders 0.05
highlighters (uncertain of brand) 6 pk 0.99
scissors 2 pk 0.79

Taken from Starling at HCW

FREE after instant rebate 2 pocket folders limit 10
5 cents one subject notebooks limit 3
composition notebooks .25 cents limit 3
graphing notebook .50 cents limit 4

Target toy clearance

Target toy sale

I spent....183.67 Retail was 725!!!I have 16 nieces and nephews and 3 cousins and they are all set for Christmas, birthdays, and I have a good start on my kids between this sale and the one in January!! Please dont look at my dirty storage room in the basement.


We had a sleep-over

Last night I was laying in bed watching some Discovery Shark week. Trev came up from playing games downstairs with Jeff and wanted to sweep wif me. So I told him he could lay in my bed and finish watching Myth Busters then it was bed time. Before you know it we were getting his mattress and letting him sleep on the floor. He had fun kept asking us if we were comtoforble(yes I didn't misspell thats how he said it) He made us laugh every time he said it of course making him do it again and again.

Weekly weigh-in

What an awesome week...Its been 3 weeks since I started my 50 pounds till Christmas. In all honesty I really wanted to do it but knew I would just fail and give up! But for some reason(I really think I hit rock bottom like an addict) I have yet to give up and keep getting stronger and stronger. I have lost 9.4 pounds!!! Can I even tell you how great it will feel in .6 pounds to say I lost TEN pounds..I don't know why but 10 sounds so much better then 9.4! I am not doing anything ridiculous either...

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with skim milk and a banana or Yogurt with some sort of fruit

Snack: All-bran wheat crackers with hummus, nutrigran bar, some sort of 100 calorie bar or package, pretzels, twizzlers.

Lunch: Wrap with turkey, cheese, and lettuce, a smart one, a lean cuisine.

Snack: Carrots, bananas, strawberries, cucumbers, etc

Dinner: Whatever we are having that night just a portion.

I normally walk for 25-30 mins after dinner. I live around a ton of hills so its a great walk!!

I dont touch anything besides water after 7 p.m.

I drink mainly water, I have a diet tea(has no calories), sometimes a cup of juice.

If we go out to get fast food for whatever reason I normally go to chick fila get a 4 pack of nuggets, fruit cup and a diet lemonade.

My clothes are fitting me great! Def not close to being down a size but I had some serious muffin top before I started this challenge because I refused to go up a size!! My shirts are down a size my pants still have a few more weeks!!

On my way to the next 40.6 pounds :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Trev starts pre-school in 5 weeks and 6 days!! I can't wait! I think this is really what he needs right now. It will help with his behavior issues. I think hes very bored and needs some stimulation. I have a backpack, lunch box, new sneakers, some new clothes, Jeff can do his hair a few days before he starts...I cant think of anything else that he would need. Jeff is being a douche about it because there is no reason I cant teach him pre-school like I have been. Yea I can teach Trevor stuff, No I am not 14 other kids in a classroom that he can interact with and become friends with. I obviously won this battle but he has to make sure he bitches and moans about it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


YAY!! Jeff found out today he actually had 2 weeks vaca this year. We thought he only had two days left!! He is going to take off the 4 days after labor day, Halloween, Black Friday and Trevor's birthday!! I'm excited. We are going to go up to Weirs Beach I think for a day or two when he takes the week vaca :)

My new toy!


I LOVE it...Helps me so much when couponing, out and about and need to balancemy checkbook etc!! Staples for 1 dollar!!


Max has been up my ass all day. I took a nap when the kids did. He is not allowed in our rooms. So he runs in trying to get up on my bed. Then I make him get out and he sits in the hall way crying because I wouldn't let him see me.

So I wake up and hes trying to be my 30 pound lap dog. So I yelled "Max RELAX". Trev replies "Yea Max BE LAX gosh"

It was cute!

Today we were having lunch with nuckle hathan(Uncle Nathan) and I was ordering the food. I come back and my brother is on his phone. Trev is sitting next to him on his spider man phone chatting away copying his Nuckle Nathan. They have such a love hate bond...Nathan hates him Trev loves him lol...Kidding of course. My brother actually has amazing patience with Trev.

A new roof, Trevor and my weight loss!

Jeff went on the roof last night and determined we have a small leak. So I get to come up with 1k in our budget to buy all new supplies for a roof. He of course will do it like he did the whole house. I am going to be staying home a lot more. THe only shopping that needs to be done is a few things for Aubrey's birthday party, Jeff needs new sneakers, groceries. We have plenty of health and beauty items along with household items so unless its free or close to it I wont be buying it!

Trevor made it to 5:30 last night before he had a time-out. I really think that was a record for him! He was so good yesterday and we had such a great day. We went to Target first thing in the morning and he was really great. We came home and did one of his school books that works on using scissors. He posted all his work on the fridge proudly so daddy can see. He played with Aubrey, watched some cartoons(as a reward for being so good), ate a great lunch, and even took a nap. We are going back to the prize box. We used to use it for potty training every day he had no accidents he got to pick a prize. It will now be for behavior. I just need to make a chart.

The past 2 days I have lost 2 pounds. Thats not healthy from what I am reading. However Im eating no different then I have been. I am thinking its because I stopped nursing and everything finally deflated if you get what I am sayin. I cant wait to be in the 100's again!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Rite Aid, Target, CVS

Garnier Melting Masque 2.99
Garnier Shampoo 2.99
6 notebooks at .16 each .96
-Garnier manu-1.00
-Garnier manu-1.00
Tota: 4.94
Earn 5.98 back

The coupons were found on the display!!


Chewy Bars 2.00 this week

AFC has .50 cents off one and a manu out for 1/2 making them 1.00 each!!


Palmolive dish soap bogo at 1.39-1.00 manu coupon .39 cents for 2!!
A&H laundry detergent was clearanced to 1.49 each...I grabbed 4 and left some for others.
Paper towels were also 4.99-1.00 coupon making them 3.99

So far this quarter my CVS card says...Spending 37.33 Savings 1380.13

Sunday, July 27, 2008

what a weekend

The weekend was sooo busy...

Saturday we cleaned all day, went shopping and prepared for everyone in my family to come over today to celebrate my birthday, my brothers, 3 of my cousins and my aunt. It was such a great day. We had to go to Jeffs brothers birthday party. Trev had a blast we got to see all of Jeffs side of the family. It was great. Max even got to socalize with another puppy!!

Then we had the get together at my house and it was great. Food was good, everyone thought the house looked great! It has been such a long time since we saw everyone that it was good getting together.

We have NO family events until Aubreys birthday which is in 5 weeks but it will be here before we know it. I have a month to stress about how crappy my house is :(

Friday, July 25, 2008

Free potty training DVD


I have managed to list a TON of stuff on ebay. All stuff that we do not use, view, wear etc! I hope I make a little bit of cash. My goal is to make a few extra bucks a month and save it till Christmas. Thanks Tammy for the great idea!!


Thanks to Vanessa from BHB

Free Chocolate

Schick razor


I went to Shaw's did my normal grocery shop. The lady behind me was like HOLY crap can you take me shopping. She started telling her mom what my total was before and what it is now. Shes like no way you got meat. I said yes I did...I bought 1 pound of lunch meat, 3 packages of breakfast sausage, 2 packages of Sausage and 1 package of steak for sandwiches. Shes like okay so nothing fresh...Yes I got 3 pounds of bananas, 4 plums, 1 onion, 2 peppers, blueberries 3 pounds of grapes, a package of baby carrots. She was just plain shocked.

I also bought hummus Im scared to try it but my moms boss said its really good for you.

Gold Peak, Powerade, Coca Cola products are all 10 for 10. If you buy 10 you get two free packages of Shaws cheese snacks or pretzels. I bought 10 of the teas...used 5 1 dollar off 2 for the teas and the free coupon. I paid 5 dollars and got 10 teas and 2 packages of pretzels.

Wise chips are bogo I bought some for the party we are having sunday.

Johnson sweet sausage was bogo bought 2 packages of that Jeff LOVES it. I had a coupon for this from where I dont remember.

Aquafina waters are 2/5. There is a coupon in the flyer b2g1. I dont normally buy this but I saved more then I would have buying flavoring.

Yogurts are 20/10. There is a 1 dollar shaws printable. If you buy 21 then you can use 3 of the buy 6 get 1 free coupons. It comes out to .38 cents a yogurt!!

Blueberry thomas bagels were 1.00 off

These are all the deals I can think of...Decent week at Shaws.

Sundays deals at Staples and Office Max


Pentel Gel pens FAR
pencil case .01 limit 2
2 pocket plastic report cover .20 limit 10
mini stapler .25 cents limit 3
electric pencil sharpner FAR

Office Depot

Dry Erase Markers FAR
ruler .05 limit 5
binder .50 each limit 5
glue .01 each limit 5
composition book .30 limit 5
colored pencils .50 limit 5
backpacks 2.99

Thursday, July 24, 2008

FREE Geotrax DVD

Click get the DVD for free:)

Holiday Fund Update!!

Jeffs neices and nephews:

nicki X
nathan x
derek x
alyssa x
kayla x
julia x
mikey x

My cousins kids:
jake x
rachael X
matthew X

Our close family:
mom I have a few things for her
bill X
cheryl X

Im down to 3 of our neices and nephews. Im hoping that we can rack up enough points on our debit card to get at least one more gift card. So I am budgeting for 50 for the rest of them. Jeffs parents remaining presents will be home-made from the kids(Jeffs mom LOVES this type of stuff). Im budgeting 25 for supplies. My mom I will need about 50 more for her....Basically tons of home-made stuff, shutterfly and snapfish deals, etc. My brother I need about 50 more for him for a gift card.

That is 175 for the remaining gifts. I put away 25 each week. By Christmas day that will be 550!! That leaves 375 for the kids(mainly Aubrey Trev has a ton!!), Jeff and I and stocking stuffers.


Today is going to be a bad day I can tell. WHY?! First of all its 6:56 a.m. and I am up and have already had breakfast. I feel like Im going to puke. Did I mention its not even 7 a fucking clock yet. Aubrey wakes up every morning now around 5 or 6 cries for a few minutes then goes back to sleep. Jeff went into work early this morning so he heard her and asked me if I wanted to get her. I quickly shouted NO she will go back to sleep. So right before hes about to leave I hear her coming closer and closer. He fucking got her outta bed because he felt bad. Well do you feel BAD your wife is running on 5 hours of sleep when she clearly needs 8. Do you feel bad that she has a ton of shit to get done today and now all she will be able to do is drink coffee all day. Im so clearly pissed at him and Saturday morning is going to be a bad morning for him...Paybacks a bitch!

Ok this week sucks weight loss wise. Its all because of the stopping nursing IM sure. Your body holds onto what it thinks it needs because your nursing. I have a feeling my body went into survival mode and is taking in everything possible. Im staying around 1200 a day for calorie intake, with my proteins, fats and carbs numbers too. I have been walking on average 25-30 mins a night. Still no soda, and good foods...fruits veggies, grains etc. My boobs are still ginourmous and hard as baseballs because they are so full of milk. Yesterday I went down .8 today Im back up .4. I pray this is all because of the stopping nursing and next week will be better.

O and to seal the deal as of 6 a.m. I have to take both kids and a cat to the vet. This should be a blast

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You cant tell...

that she is really pure evil in this pic can you? O and I need a new camera BADLY. This one sucks. Pics are always like this, or blurry, or just dont come out.


In case you break your leg...

I was doing dishes yesterday and Trev comes in. Hey mommy just to wet you know. If gamma gets a broken leg we can buy her a scooter. The tv said so.

I about died. My mom looks nothing like these old betty's on those commercials. It was funny though.

Aubrey is blowing kisses these days. Jeff thought her its so cute. She basically goes ssssss on her hand and pulls it away.

Homemade Christmas

Funds are tight this year. Kids and teenager want money or gifts...Thats fine thats what they will get. I also got a TON of Christmas stockingstuffer candle stuff last year at Yankee Candles big clearance. I paid 45 dollars for about 350 dollars worth of stuff. So I have a few things like that and I will buy one big gift for my in-laws and my mom. This year I decided to get some ideas from the BHB board I am a member of. I think we are going to make a picture frame wreath for my in-laws. If I can get a pic of all of her grandkids. Then for my mom I cant say what we are making because she reads my blog. It has to do with finger painting though. Aubrey wanted no part in it unless she could eat it. Trev LOVED it. We did a ton of pages and have a ton more to go. He really thrives in the crafty projects that we do.

Back to losing...

YAY!! I'm back to losing. My boobs still look like watermelons(I'm guessing another pounds will be lost when they deflate! But as of this morning I'm down 6 pounds!!!!!!!! 44 more to go. I feel great. My depression is a lot less often, my energy is up, I am doing more with the kids, Jeff and I are getting along better. WHY STOP NOW?! With 22 weeks till Christmas I need to lose 2 pounds a week! I think I can do it unless I have a major plateau.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Im gaining weight

Well I'm .4 heaver then I was yesterday! I also haven't nursed in 2.5 days! I look like a freak. I do know I'm still losing because my clothes are fitter better each day. I also am sticking to my calories, protein, fats, and carbs amounts on spark people. I'm also walking daily. Normally 25 ish mins not much but hey thats 150 mins a week. I normally take one day off! I'm not going to let it get to me unless when my engorgement goes down Im still way up there in the numbers. I have a feeling I may lose some weight from stopping nursing too. We shall see :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Where has my baby gone?!

My baby is getting so big. Shes almost done nursing!! She hasn't nursed in two days. She still fights the cup at times but shes getting a lot better. Shes finally drinking enough that her poop is back to normal WAY TMI I know! As I blog right now she has one of my bras and she is shaking it around like Come on there has got to be a boob in here somewhere. I look like Anna Nicole Smith my boobs are huge. Jeff was shocked. Shes also doing the army crawl now and into a lot more then she ever was. I do have to admit I love these changes. I hated nursing and hate having someone completely reliant on me. I like a kid with a little independence what can I say ;)
Sunday- I will have the house clean and laundry started.

DONE! I had the place cleaned up last night and all the laundry washed :)I also walked...4 days left to work out

Monday- Get laundry caught up, adjust the budget till the end of the month.

The budget is done till the end of August. I will have 2-3 credit cards paid off by the end of August :) I just have one more load of laundry to fold and laundry is all set.

Tuesday- Post Office and pick up bro.

Yes this changed but I need to control my spending. Going to Target isn't the way to do it.

Wenesday-Clean and laundry

Thursday-Meal plan and shopping lists for Friday and Sunday

Friday-Grocery shopping

Satruday-major cleaning and yard work.

Sunday-throwing a family get together.

I didnt gain or lose!!

I'm not happy that I didn't lose anything this weekend. However I'm also happy I didn't gain anything. I am the exact weight that I was on Friday morning. I think Aubrey is all done nursing. We went from 3-5 hours to just before bed and in the morning when she woke up. Over the weekend she nursed once Friday night at 1 a.m. well technically Saturday morning. I'm quite full so maybe there is a pound in there holding me back ;) I need to up my water. I was getting the 8 glasses a day its been 6 all weekend. I'm hoping for a pound and a half by Friday.

As for my goals. Laundry is all washed that can be washed. I have 2 loads left one needs folding and one needs drying. The house is clean! I even ended up going for a walk last night. IN THE RAIN! Jeff was shocked but I was feeling down and wanted to quit this whole weight loss thing and that pushed me.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

When will I ever be me?

This weekend has been bad. I spent money we shouldn't have...Just because Jeff made more then expected we shouldn't have gone out and spent it. We also went out to eat. I should have got a salad but I got my fav meal as an appetizer and split it into two meals. That was really the only unecessary spending. However I was depressed and didnt eat as well as I should have. I still stuck under my calories and did get a 30 min walk in Saturday morning. I just fear getting on the scale tommorow. Tommorow is back to the grind and I have a lot I want to get done this week!!

Sunday- I will have the house clean and laundry started.

Monday- Get laundry caught up, adjust the budget till the end of the month.

Tuesday- Target, Post Office and Walgreens.

Wenesday-Clean and laundry

Thursday-Meal plan and shopping lists for Friday and Sunday

Friday-Grocery shopping

Satruday-major cleaning and yard work.

Sunday-throwing a family get together.

I want to walk 5 days out of the week, balance the checkbook daily and keep the house nice and neat!

Wags, Staples, and CVS

Its not a great week for bargains but I did decide to go out this morning...

2 .5 cent protractors
2 .99 cent 5 packs of pens(they look really nice)
1 1.99 10 pack of mechanical pencils
4 .25 cent binders
1 .99 cent 3 pack of scotch tape(great for Christmas)

Total: 6.06 and I will get 1.99 back for the pencils

3 .5 cent highlighters
3 .5 cent mini composition books
3 .5 cent 5 pack mechanical pencils
1 1 Pens
1 2 Crayola Markers
1 .89 Aluminum Foil
3 1.99 skintimate shaving creme
3 Walgreens brand diapers
4 3 pack ocello sponges
1 toy necklace for Aubrey

I spent 27 saved 44 and earned 5 back and will get 3 back in the mail


2 all laundry detergents
3 dove body wash
oop 9 something and saved 18

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Old Navy

I dont know why I forgot to mention this. But go to Old Navy. They started a clearance on clearance. Basically when all is said and done its 75 percent off. I scored A TON of stuff for about 300 dollars.


sports bra
a pair of yoga pants(not clearance 20)
a pair of yoga capris(not clearance 15)
5 quarter sleeve shirts
3 t-shirts
1 long sleeve shirt
6 tank tops
pair of underwear
pj pants

2 long sleeve hoodies
1 tank top
3 t-shirts
2 pairs of shorts

5 pairs of shorts
2 pair of capris
3 tank tops
1 t-shirt
bathing suit
3 long sleeve onesies
1 long sleeve pull over
4 jammies sets
1 3pk of long sleeve onesies
2 dresses

I know there was more I just cant remember it all right now.

Friday, July 18, 2008


We went to Bugaboo for dinner tonight. I am proud of myself. I ordered the appetizer version of my meal. It was basically chicken fingers and fries. I split it in half!!! I will eat the rest for lunch or dinner tomorrow. Aubrey knocked over a drink and it split all over Jeff and he acted like a total douche so he ruined the night. I did eat after 7 and didn't work out so I'm sure I will weigh 5 pounds heavier tomorrow. I'm going to wake up and take a long walk. I also ordered a sugar free lemonade for my drink. The best I could do there without plain tap water.

Tomorrow we are taking Trev to see a Ninja turtle at a grand opening of a Babies R Us/Toys R Us duo. I have tons of coupons and I plan on using them :)


Clearance on patio stuff is 75 percent...Not much left!!

Clearance on most toys is up to 50 percent...I wait until its 75. It probably wont go to 75 for another week or two at least!!

I did get some pirates of the Caribbean and storm hawk stuff for Trev for Christmas super cheap 75 percent off. Retail was 44.97 and I paid 8.91. I bought two motorcycles and a pirate dress up set. I also bought a toy for Aubrey at 20.00 reg 40 in case they sell out before it gets to 75 percent. I want it for her birthday!

Skippy PB is .69 cents after Target coupon on



Watermelon was 3.99 (coupon found in the black small book at the front of the store that has ton of produce) 2.99

Brawny paper towels were 4 dollars on clearance(1.00 manu made them 3.00) less then 37 cents a roll!!

TONS of milk half gallons were 1.00, gallons were 2.

Keilbasa was 1.99 after meat coupon found ON meat.

Blueberries were 2.00 a piece after sale and online printable from shaws

Powerade was buy 10 for 8.00 Overage after coupons

Lean Cusine was 2.00 a piece I am pretty sure there are coupons out there somewhere...

Ziploc Vaccum starter kits were 2.99 and a 2.00 coupon on tear pad on the display. For a dollar I will try it.

Thomas English Muffins are bogo

Thursday, July 17, 2008

hi from the salon...

As a gift to me for my birthday and mothers day we decided I could go and get my hair colored. My bro brought his lap top and I am sitting here letting my color set blogging. How cool!! I know it doesnt take much to impress me :)

That damn Gymboree!!!

I placed my final order with them today! It was so sad but whatever. Over the past few months if you spent 50 bucks there you earned a gymbuck for 25/50 during a certain time. Here are my totals...Its disgusting I know...

Gymbo purchase 116.80 earned 50/100
Returned 39.20 should have lost 25 in gymbucks but the comp was down :)

Gymbo purchase 121.99 earned 50/100
Returned 34.56 should have lost a gymbuck but comp was down :)

Gymbo purchase 141.98 earned 50/100
Returned 58.33 should have lost a gymbuck but comp was down:)

Gymbo Purhcase 121.99 earned 50/100
Returned 44.96 should have lost a gymbuck but comp was down:)

Total in retail(all the purchases were all sale items 40-60 percent off!! 650!! I paid 325. Then add my order of over 500 retail value today that I paid 204 for. So now we are up to 530!! Yes that seems like a lot. But I bet I could get at least 300 for all the clothes I have when all is said and done!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Official weigh-in!

Look at my ticker....Yea thats right I lost 4.2 pounds!!! I was aiming for 2 so this is even better. I know for a week or two it will melt off and then slowly start going down. But it kicks ass and keeps me going knowing that I am losing and it is working.

Im sticking to my diet, drinking tons of water( I have had one soda), I'm even drinking more milk!! I don't eat past 7 anymore! I walked every day except for Saturday and I did the elliptical on Sunday. I'm doing the elliptical again this weekend. Ive even done some crunches, push ups etc. I would not be able to do this without sparkpeople they are helping me out tons. The key to this weight loss is calorie counting and knowing the servings.

I will check in next week. I'm hoping for 2 pounds again! If I could be down 10 pounds or more by Aubreys birthday party that will make me feel good.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CVS and Rite Aid

3 Sally Hansen Nail Polish
2 Secret Deodorants
1 Huggies
2 Herbel Essence
Total: 34.92
Total after CVS card 23.54
-coupons 11.00
OOP 9.25

I also got a ton of CRT's Life Fitness, tooth tunes toothbrush which I think I have a manu coupon for also, colgate I also think there are some manus out there.

Then onto Rite Aid. The chick kinda BB'd me but whatever. My plan was to get 6 vive shampoos but she made me get 9.

5 Vive Shampoos 24.95
4 Vive Conditoner 19.96
A sticker book for trev(so not a bargain) 2.99
2 electrosol tabs 5.98
2 Lysol Wipes 6.98

Total oop 13.94

I have someone coming to buy all these shampoos and conditoners tonight at 2.00 a piece. So I will pay for all my shopping today and the other day with what he gives me

Monday, July 14, 2008


The kids and I went to Old Navy today. I bought the next size down in jeans. This will be my motivation to see how long it takes me to get into them. Im going to shoot for October 1st to be able to fit into them comfortably. That means no muffin top :)

Ive also made some incentive goals. When I hit a certain amount of pounds I will get the below mentioned. I am so strong. Today the kids had Mc Donalds for lunch because we were out. I had half of Trevs kiddie burger and a fruit and yogurt parfait. GO ME!! I weigh in tomorrow night. It would be cool to be down 3 pounds but I doubt it.

10 pounds: Out to eat(I can have whatever I want)
25 pounds: Mani-pedi
40 pounds: Shopping with 100 dollars!!
50 pounds exercise machine

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Loreal Kids shampoo and conditioner is bogo this week. 2/3.79!!! To make the deal sweet use two of the loreal coupons for .75cents that double making them .79 cents a piece!!

A Volvo SUV

My bargain day was going awesome. I bought a bottle of All Laundry detergent, 2 boxes of envelopes, 3 vive shampoos and 3 vive condintors. My total came to 3.99 a savings of 32.50!!

I went to Rite Aid and bought 3 boxes of electrosol, 2 toothpaste tubes and a paper for 11 ish. I will get back 9 bucks back!!

Then my mom and I went to Office Depot and bought 40 folders, 10 rulers, 10 eraser cap packs and 1 tablet. It will be 60 cents after rebate.

I then went and worked out on the elipitical and got 20 mins in. I'm feeling it by the way!! I was in such a good mood. I got a good workout in, got great deals and got a few hours away from the kids and knew they were with their dad(a rare). I call Jeff to let him know Im on my way home and he asks me to stop at Home Depot.

So I go to pull into a spot wait for the guy walking past it and it was a tight squeeze but I go to pull in and BAM some guy whips his door open I slam my bumper dead on to it and his door wont close bc its bent up and the camry has a nice slice through the bumper. I told him how sorry I was between me pulling in, the guy walking and how fast he opened the door it was a honest mistake. He took my info kinda acted like a douche bag but his friend set him in his place and told him to stop acting like one.

I went into Home Depot called Jeff waiting to hear him scream and yell and me. He just sighed and said he will take a look when we get home and insurance will take care of most of it. I feel like crap and just want to eat now. But I have to be strong. Ive also discovered I'm an emotional eater. I came home and told Jeff fuck my diet Im going to eat. He told me I cant do that Im doing to good. We will be okay!

It just seems with us money is tight as hell or free flowing. I cant let this get to me but I will come up with the money somehow!! I just have to keep swimming as dory would say!

Now I have a house that is a disaster and needs some major cleaning!! I also have a little sweet pea sleeping which she is not thrilled about. She wanted to see me but I came home held her for a min then put her down for a nap! So I gotta clean so I can snuggle when she wakes up

Saturday, July 12, 2008

220 bucks and a cookout!!

I sold some of my stockpile this morning, kids clothes etc and made 220 bucks!!! Now I was all depressed and sad to see a lot of the kids clothes go. But then I realized Trevor doesn't NEED 2 fucking totes of t shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, shorts etc. Ive decided the kids need 10 long sleeves, 10 short sleeves, 5 tanks, a few hoodies and 10 shorts and jeans or long pants. THATS IT!!! NO more over buying and back to Old Navy where clothes are just as cheap as gymbo sometimes but I dont have the need to be matchy matchy!!

Jeff and I sat down and discussed our finances and I told him we need to get the DR Gazelle Intensity we had to get this house. He agreed. Finally felt good to let him know where we stand and agree on what we need to do to fix it. Im hopeful. We were VERY good this week. Ive decided that I will give myself 60 bucks for Target when all these toys that are 30 percent off now go to 75 and thats it. We are going back to envelipes etc. Selling all that we can. If I can make 20 a week I will be happy!

We used some of the 220 to buy some mulch for the area next to the stairs, a new leash for max and a line for max. All things we have needed to buy. We also bought the last AC for the kids room that we needed. The money left will go to envelopes somehwere yay!!

We went to two cookouts today. I thought I was going to fail at my diet but I weighed myself this morning and guess what down 1.5 pounds already. All water weight I'm sure but still it was the inspiration that I def needed. I did have a coca cola today but it was because I had a horrible headache took 1000 mg of advil and my headache wasn't going away. Drank the caffeine and it went away instantly. I stayed way below my calorie count today by eating salad with chicken on top twice, a fruit salad, a banana, and oatmeal and tons of water of course.

Each day I am feeling stronger and more confident in myself. Also the support Jeff has given me is great. He really has shocked me how much hes helping me. He got me a plate today and got me all healthy stuff. it was great when he came back and said I think I did good I got you the healthiest stuff there. Having support with him, and the support of helping with calories and servings on sparkpeople and BBC has really helped me tons!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Office Depot

Office Depot is having a sale like Staples did last week. The items and limits are as follows:

12 pk eraser tops .01 limit 5
protractors .01 limit 5
rulers .01 limit 5
folders .01 limit 20
6 Pack Writing Pads far

Holiday Gift Fund

I found a new blog I LOVE!!

I take her challenge...Lets see for Christmas we have to buy for these people:

Jeffs neices and nephews:

nathan x
derek x
alyssa x
kayla x
julia x
mikey x

My cousins kids:
jake x

Our close family:
mom I have a few things for her

I went through my closet tonight and i will put an x by who i have bought already!! Mainly the kids that I have left are all teenagers or older kids. They will each get a 20 and a 5 dollar bill in a card. I am no longer buying gift cards to the mall and paying 25 a pop plus a 2.50 fee!!

I need 150 for them. Jeff's parents are going to get a gift card to a restaurant and another order from Omaha steaks total 150. I need to think hard about my mom and brother but I am going to shoot for no more then 150 for the both of them. My kids I will spend another 150 on. Jeff and I will spend 50 on each other .

That brings my grand total to 700! That means 31.00 a week needs to get set aside for the remainder of Christmas. I also buy throughout the year so whatever i buy will get taken out of that amount. Lets see if i can stick to it. its all about being frugal

I feel like an addict

I am seriously kicking ass. Yesterday I took a 10 min walk. Now you say wimp just 10 mins. Well I had Max with me. So pulling back and restraining a 20 lb German shepherd is a workout within itself.

I stuck to my diet plan like a champ yesterday and I am doing very good today. I do know I may not lose any weight until Aubrey is done breastfeeding. But that is okay with me. In a week she has gone from nursing every 3-5 hours to nursing at 10.p.m and at 7a.m..

As long as it doesn't rain we plan on going to the park again tonight. This time I'm not taking Max because he cant last more then 10 mins. I talk a tough game but if he starts crying and trying to come with me he may get to go and I will just do a long walk with my mom tomorrow.

My goal on spark people is no more then 1550 calories which I was below yesterday, and 8 cups of water...I drank 12 yesterday and am on my 7th now its only 3. Last night was hard. My issue is grazing. Esp at night. I'm a major grazer. When I get bored or having nothing to do I grab a snack. This happens multiple times a night. Last night after dinner I didn't have a THING!! It was such a great feeling this morning knowing that I made it. I'm having a hard time now as both kids are napping and I have nothing to do. I will get through this. I will weigh myself on Wednesday when I last weighed myself. I'm hoping for a pound, doubt it will happen with the breastfeeding and all but we shall see.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going well

Diet is going well. I stuck to the amount of calories that stockpeople wanted me to. Even less. I need to up my protein though!! I also drank 5 bottles of water about to grab my 6th. I only needed 4. We went to the park and I took Max for my walk with me which was a workout in itself. Aubrey had a blast swinging and Trev pissed himself so we had to leave. We will go back tomorrow. My mom and I are going to do cardio 2 times a week. She will push me when I need a push and I will push her.\

Aubrey is self weaning its been a crazy week with that I will update about that saga later.

My weekly deals...

Shaws(starts tommorow)

1 3lb package of chicken breast (.99cent a pound)
5 Smart One Dinners(2.00)
1 California Kitchen Pizza(5.99-1.00 manu coupon)
2 Strawberries(2.99)
3 pounds of bananas(.54 cents a pound)
4 Tyson Chicken Pattys(2.50 each to earn 8 bucks off)
2 packages of buns(1.00 Shaws coupon)
4 10 packs of powerade(towards 8.00 bucks off)
2 individual powerades(1 dollar coupon coming out in Sundays paper)
2 Fresh Express Salads(bogo plus 1 dollar coupon coming in Sundays paper)
3 Gatorades(1.67 each)

My goal is to separate it into two transactions and keep it under 50 dollars. I have a gift card for Shaw's and I don't want to spend over that 50 dollars for this week. I will go on Friday for some stuff then the rest I have to wait till Sunday for the paper to come out.

Rite Aid
Electrosol tabs 2.99-2.00 SCR-2.25 manu coupon a 1.26 money maker!!
Telegraph 1.50

4 Mead Envelopes 80 ct .50 each
1 All Laundy detergents 3.99
Total: 5.99-1.00 All coupon 4.99

2 Charmin Toilet Paper @ 5.49 each

Total: 10.98-1.00 manu coupon 9.98

My weight loss journey

Its about making a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. I really think I can do this. I joined a site called Sparkpeople. Its great. Helps me with food plans, counting calories, help from other people in the same boat I am, fitness plans etc. I had breakfast this morning something I NEVER do and I actually feel very full. My exercize for the day will be to finish cleaning the house, and take the kids or max for a walk later today when it gets cooler.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

50 pounds till Christmas!!

Ive been depressed. I talk about it everyone knows about it. Ever since I had Trev my body just went downhill. I was a 8/10 in high school(my ideal weight). I felt proud of myself. I was curvy and toned and looked great. Right before I had Trev I was a 10/12. Then after Trev I was a 14. Now I'm a 16/18 16's are snug and 18's are too loose.

I put on about 12 pounds during the whole home search, renovating and moving into this place. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want and how much I want. This is all going to stop. I saw a pic of myself taken on the 4th and I'm so very disgusted. I have extra skin from the kids on my belly so that will never be flat. But if I get to a healthy point in my weight then maybe I can look into a tummy tuck or buy spanx.

Im not a fan of exercise nor have I ever been. I am going to try. I cant afford nor do I have the time to go to the gym. However walking is free and I can do it all around my neighborhood. I also can diet.

My goal is to get to my "Ideal weight" That means I need to lose 52 pounds. My goal is to lose this weight by Christmas. That averages out to 2 pounds a week. I want to look great. I want my husband to be able to hold his head up that his wife looks great after having two kids! Most of all I want to be proud of myself again.

Here is the plan:

Start walking 3 times a week. Im going to go around my block once. This is about a 15 min walk. Every week I plan on making my walk 5 mins longer. Once I get to an hour walk then I will increase my days. I CAN do this..


Dinner I can do nothing about. I do use ground turkey at times, and sneak veggies into food. However my husband LOVES his food. I will have to use major portion control at dinner time. No starch, more veggies and lean meat.

For breakfast and lunch I plan on eating lots of tuna, lean chicken, veggies, fruits, grains, oats, etc. I also have to eat a portion not 2!!

For desserts I will have things like yogurt, nutri gran bars etc.

Im slowly going to wean soda out of my life. ALL water if possible again. Im starting with 2 sodas a day or less if I can stand it.

I don't want to starve myself or enter into a fad diet as that is a joke and I will not get anywhere.

I plan on weighing myself once a week. Every Sunday I will weigh and update on my week. Heres to hoping this goes very well for me!!

Our finances are about to have a diet too. I will update more on that later.

cvs clearance

I found these...

Today Spongets(ebay) for 3.00 reg 11.99
CVS Diapers 2.97 reg 9.99
Comtrex 1.50 reg 5.99
Benedry Allergy 1.50 reg 5.99
Sudafed PE 1.50 reg 5.99(had peelies making it .50)
Various Chapstick brands were less then a dollar
olay Quench lotion was 3.00 Reg 5.99(1.00 coupon) making it 2.00
Olay Ribbons body was 2.50(coupon for 2.00) making it .50 cents
Various CG, Almay, and Revlon makeup all 50-75 percent off

pissed off

Im sitting here on the chair in the living room reading. Trev and Aubrey are on the rug with a bucket of toys in between them....

Trevor: Aubwee STOP



Aubrey mumbling again

Trevor: Mommy Aubwee is pissing me off she keeps hammering my hand on dis thang.


Trevor: She keeps hammering my hand on dis thang.

Me: We don't say pissed Trevor....

Trevor: I didn't

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a weekend!!


We were supposed to have a cookout but Jeff didn't want people to see the house not finished yet. We would like for it to be finished upstairs besides the crown molding before people come over. We also want the front yard all set. All we have left to do is putty and paint the remaining half of trim and baseboards, grout the kitchen back splash, paint the remainder of the kitchen(not a lot at all), replace the dishwasher.

Instead my mom and brother came over for the day. We cooked some food on the grill, hung out did a little work on the house here and there. Got ready for the yard sale I slept through that was another story. Then around 7 ish we went to the fireworks in the city we just moved from. We had a great time. Trev was so excited. We had to take Max and people were oohing and ahhing over the kids and the dog.

Here are some pics!

My mom and Trev watching the fireworks
Can I have popcorn?
Playing Light sabers
Max at the fireworks

Saturday- We went to the mall for the first time in AGES!! We let the kids play, bought a few things we have been needing, shoes undies, socks, my clinque...then some presents for Christmas and birthdays at Disney's HUGE sale!! We let the kids play at all the play areas and had lunch.

We came home and my husband ACTUALLY let me take a nap!! It was only for a hour and a half but when I woke up he had the kitchen window framed and the back splash half way done. He finished that and we took Trev to see Kung Fu Panda. VERY cute movie, great message etc. I hate Jack Black...He didn't seem like a douche in this movie like he does in every other movie.

Sunday- Today I woke up early and went bargain shopping as usual. It was good I got a TON of great deals! I came home cleaned and got ready for another cookout. 'best friend Ed and his girlfriend Tracey came over. Ed grilled and OMG it was so good. He def took his time and cooked some kick ass food. We all just kinda relaxed and hung out afterwards..Jeff and Ed shot bee bee guns and slingshots and acted like 2 year olds not 30 yr olds! All in all it was a great weekend.

I also met another neighbor that thanked us for all we are doing. She said we are making the place look awesome. It was great to see someone finally taking care of the house. It makes us feel great!


Blah week at Wags for me at least...

Coffee 2.49
2 Pledge sprays 6.00
2 Ziploc bags 5.00

Total after sales 13.49
After coupons and rebates: 7.00 if I didnt get my coffee it would have only been 4.50 but I was up wayyyy to early thanks to my child that doesnt sleep


An okay week at CVS

Water 4.99
clariol hair color 4.99
pantene shampoo 3.33
Pantene conditoner 3.33
Disposable Razors 4.99
oral b Tooth brush 2.49
crest toothpaste 2.49
Febreeze spray 2.50
Febreeze fabric Spray 3.99
Total after weekly sales: 28.11
Total after coupons: 11.62( I didnt use any ECB this week)

Rite Aid

My deals of the week:

Infuisium 4.99
Tag body spray 2.99
Always pads 3.99
Always pads 6.99
Venus Razor 7.99
Pampers Underjams 9.99
herbal essence shampoo 2.50
Herbal essence conditoner 2.50
Newspaper 1.50(good coupons this week!!)

Total after weekly sales: 43.44
After coupons and SCR: 13.48


1 cent sale!!!!

I said I "homeschool" which I kinda do. They said I could do as many transactions as I wanted. Im not into clearing the shelves and taking away from others so I only did two transactions!!

1 4 pack of highlighters 4.99
4 8 packs of pencils .04(.01 each)
20 braded and pocket folders .20(.01 each)
4 .05 oz purell .04(.o1 each)
Total oop: 5.27 and I will get 4.99 back so .28 cents!!

Sale ends Wednesday.

They also had boxes of paper. Buy two at 39.98 a piece get a 39.98 rebate. So two boxes for 40 bucks. Great deal but I don't go through that much paper and it would just sit and waste away.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Steel Magnolias + hormonal depresssed chick = BAD

We took Trev to see Kung Fu Panda tonight. He liked it.

Ive been feeling kinda depressed lately. A lot of death has been going on around me. Im well aware of it. I came home to my mom watching Steel Magnolias and Aubrey sleeping...

I got to the part where Shelby(Julia Roberts) character has a diabetic episode and her baby is crying and her husband comes home to that. Now i worry about this ALL of the time. Its a very realistic thing that could def happen. Then Shelby dies and her mom is at her funeral crying. Now first of all I don't know what my mother or I would do without one another. I think we are one another's rock. I lean on her way more then I should but whatever. I think she leans on me too. The older we get the better friends we become. I cant even imagine the day she is gone. Then I think how unfair it would be to not see Aubrey get married, go to prom, have babies etc. Just made me think how badly I need my daughter and mother and how badly they need me. Hold your mom and babies tonight.

This also reminds me we so very badly need a will. Im going to get working on that this week.

Yard Sale

I was supposed to have a Yard Sale today with a fellow couponer. However last night I was up so late with the kids and the cookout and fireworks I was so exhausted and so were the kids that we all slept till 7:45. I am so bummed. I really could have used the social interaction with another adult and made a little extra cash. When I woke up I was already running late and stressing and it was misting pretty bad here so I decided to cut my losses and call it a day and just not go. I'm so dreading it. Around 10 ish it cleared up. But whatever we took the kids to the mall and let them get some energy out at the place place and I went to Disney and saved 200 bucks!!


We were at the grocery store the other day. There was a very old man with a patch over his eye. Trev screamed and I'm not exagerating when I say screamed....MOMMY GAMMA WOOK A PIWATE. I was so very embarrassed. I don't think this guy could hear because he didn't even make a face. However the 50 other times we passed by him in the store he may of heard him once or twice. As comical as it was it still was kinda embarrassing!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The living room is almost DONE!!!!!

Its so hard to believe it was once this nasty wood paneling, old nasty floors, dirty, extreme popcorn ceilings.......It now just needs crown molding...

living room before


Entryway before


Yankee Candle

The semi-annual sale is still going on. I was able to use a extra 25 percent off coupon to add to the VERY low prices. I only use their coupons in my home and Ive learned to stock up on these sales ever so often that they have. I saved 95 dollars and spent 40 something.

Gap and Old Navy

Stock up for next year or buy more for this year. All Gap and Old Navy clearance is even cheaper. Now with the site where you can buy from all 4 gap brand companies its great. I bought some clearance from Gap and used the code gapsale25 I also bought some clearance from Old Navy and used the code extra20. After all the items I was over 100 so I used the code ship4you. For FREE shipping...Lounge pants were 8 dollars a piece. A hoodie for me er um Jeff and me to steal :) 16. Socks for the kids for a 6 pack I think was around 6 dollars.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wags Diapers

Diapers are on sale for 5.99 this week.

Buy 3 and get a 5 dollar RR back.

There are 5 dollar off coupons in the July book or at my Wags they had a tear pad.

Total: 10.47 and earn 5 back. Basically 1.82 a pack!

Victorias Secret

I used the code bras15 for 15 off a bra when you buy 2. Basically BOGO!!

In the end I paid 20.99 for two good bras. I needed new bras so badly