Friday, August 29, 2008

It's only 12.26!!!

I have already cleaned the house top to bottom and washed the floors, decorated as much as I can, mulched and weeded the flower beds, Baked a cake and cupcakes, filled the fridges with booze and sodas!! My mom is at the store now picking up some last minute things I forgot. I plan on going to get a tattoo in a hour or two. I have Trevor's name on my right foot I plan on getting Aubrey's on my left. I am so excited that my baby girl is going to get ti have a great big party to celebrate her first year in this crazy world!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Could they get any cuter?


New Orleans

Tomorrow marks the anniversary for Katrina hitting New Orleans. I really hope this hurricane Gustav doesn't slam into them again! My heart really breaks for these people. Keep them in your prayers.

My frugality

As I have mentioned lately that our finances need an overhaul so no more spending, unless necessary of course. This week I went to Target when Soda was 4 12 packs for 1 dollar after gift cards. I also went to the post office twice to get some stuff sent out for eBay(up to 220 dollars already!), Tonight I am running to Sam's with my friend Kim and her daughter to stock up on stuff for the birthday party! We havent really gone anywhere at all this week. Its great our bank account is loving it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I LOVE Fisher Price and House Party!!!

I was just looking over my instructions for the goodies bags and trying to figure out what else I want to put in them. I looked up all the FREE toys that I am getting...Its valued at $270!!!!!! Aubrey would have most likely received one of these toys as a gift for Christmas but I would never be able to give her all these toys. Plus the little toys for the gift bags are great for all the guests attending the party!!

I'm getting 4 of the poppity-pops, 3 snap lock beads, and 3 rock a stacks:


These are the toys for Aubrey that I get to set up(well Jeff gets to set up) so that the kids can play with them and test them out!


I HAD lost 2 pounds. However last night I had 2 slices of Pizza for dinner because I had a really bad day and didn't feel like cooking. So now I'm down 1.4 from last week and 17 in 7 weeks!!! I'm very happy with my weight loss.

I am finding the keys to MY weight loss are eating meals. That is very much my problem. I forget to eat a meal and just eat a nutri gran bar so then my body holds onto everything. Water, WATER, WATER is also my motto!!

Jeff and I were talking..I'm beginning to feel a lot better about myself physically. I am not sure how I will look 30 pounds thinner. I may decide to only lose 20 more. Basically once I get to that point I will re-evaluate and go from there!! I do not want to be skinny skinny I like shape to me. Never was a fan of looking like a 12 year old with no shape.

I would like to focus on short term goals now and keep my 50 till Christmas in the back of my mind. By Halloween which is 9 weeks away I believe I would like to hit the 30 pound loss mark. I need to lose about 1.4 pounds a week. I think I can def do that. If I go over even better.

My mom and I went shopping this weekend for Aubrey's party. I was able to squeeze into a size 14 pant and a L shirt. I feel like you can tell I've lost some weight in the outfit. I will def be in a few pics so I hope I can see a difference. I'd say I'm about 5 pounds I will be able to fit into the 14's comfortably.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It is going to be crazy the next week or two.

Thursday(28th)- Food Shopping for the party

Friday(29th)- Cleaning, yard work, baking the cake

Saturday(30th)- Decorating for the party and the party itself

Sunday(31st)- My cousin is having a cookout, then one of my best friends Jenni is coming in from Ohio and I am picking her, her beautiful daughter hannah and her boyfriend up.

Monday-Tuesday(1st and 2nd)- Spending time with my friend then dropping her off Tuesday evening.

Wednesday(3rd)- Aubrey's One Year check up!

Tuesday(9th)- Trevs orientation at school

Thursday- Trev's first half day of school!!


Okay so WHY in the world is the only day on the forecast that it WILL rain is Saturday? Seriously I see a week full of sun but Saturday started out chance of thunderstorms, now its a chance of rain. I will be so pissed if it rains. Everything we have planned is outdoors. Bounce House, cooking on the grill, the pool, the kids outdoor toys, sand boxes. Please do a no rain dance for us. I NEED for it to be nice and clear on Aubrey's party!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fisher Price House party package 1

I am a member of a website called House Party. Basically you get sneak peaks, free items, etc. You host parties and are able to keep, give away, etc the freebies. Its great. You get to try new items you wouldn't normally!!

I applied for the Fisher Price party and I was accepted. I am going to get tons of smaller items to give away in party bags, coupons, books on all of fisher prices toys etc. I am also going to get 4 big toys that I wouldn't normally be able to purchase all at once. Aubrey would have received one if she was lucky!!

Here is a look at my first package with batteries, coupons, gift bags, etc!! I cannot wait to have this party and get together with all my mommy friends.


A video of Aubrey dancing

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aubreys present..what a steal!!

Today after the baseball game for Jeff's company outing we went to Toys R Us looking for a present for Aubrey and ideas for Trev's Christmas present(a power wheels)! We found this for Aubrey....Photobucket...Its so cute and she is going to love it! She loves the ones at the Grocery Store and Lowes. It was 49.99 but we saw a tag on it and a few others were in that area marked as 34.99...They gave it to us for that price. A savings of 15.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Less then a week..

till Aubrey's FIRST birthday party!!! We busted our asses getting the yard "safe". I would love for people not to be out there but hey what can I do. The back yard is cleaned out...We have NO grass. But whatever. We made a patio type area this weekend and put some flowers up...We also cleaned the teeter totter, kiddie bench and table, and sand box. We will also have a kiddie pool, and bounce house set up...

This is what I spent all morning working on...


Forcast says scattered thunder storms I hope its nice and sunny all day. I will be so upset if we are doing all this work and have to squeeze 40 people in my house.

I also put some fall flowers under this tree. They came out nice even though you cant see it that well in this pic.


In the house I added pics to my wall...It used to just have the two wedding pics. Not I think it looks a lot more complete!Photobucket

Saturday, August 23, 2008

bitch and you will recieve

so I made my bitchy whiney complaing post yesterday about not losing weight. Guess who lost 1.2 pounds from Thursday!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

If this doesn't make you smile...

Plateau WTF

Okay so I knew that losing 3 pounds a week would eventually stop....But what the fuck. I haven't been eating terrible...haven't been eating as strict as I was...My water intake is down a little, and I have been forgetting to eat a meal a day, but I can seem to get past 196.4!! I'm walking and everything. MY goal of being down to 192 before 8/30 will not be happening now of course. GRRRR...I did see a pic from a birthday party I went to a week or two ago last night and I can def see in my arms that Ive lost some weight. I'm going to just keep trucking and see if I can get this weight off. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and 2 snacks a day!! Maybe I should up my walk...Ive kept the same amount of time in my walk but I walk all over gods creation when I walk now. So I am getting faster...Maybe I should check out gyms...God this sucks I really need to lose this weight. I dont think it will be happening before Christmas!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Navy CHEAP jeans

$12 jeans include:

Womans jeans regular-$29.50
The Diva
The Girlfriend
The Sweetheart

Mens jeans regular-$29.50
Straight (regular)

$7 jeans include:

Girls jeans regular-$19.50
The girlfriend
The darling

Boys jeans regular-$19.50

I have a 40 dollar rewards certificate for Old Navy I plan on getting 3 pairs of jeans for me and 1 for Trevor. I will pay 3.00 oop!!!!

Some shopping....


2 54 count pampers 37.98
-2 1.50 coupons
- 5 dollar gift card back

Total: 14.99 each(the small packs are 10.xx most places these days so decent deal)

Viva Big Roll Paper towels org 2.50 on clearance for 2.12- 1.00 VIVA coupon 1.12 or .28 cents a roll!!

Air Wick Refills org 3.19 clearance 1.58 x 2 3.16-1.00 refills coupon 1.08 each

Air Wick night light 3.19- 3.19 after FREE when you buy refill!!

Durex Play 4.74 with 5 dollar Durex Play coupon making for overage!!!

Tide 2x concentrate org 6.99 now 3.48 x 2 6.96 after 1/2 tide coupon 5.96 for 2(less then the price of one!)

Pledge Stainless Steel wipes org 2.94 now 1.47-1.00 any pledge product .47 cents!


This week wags has TONS of .39 cent deals...Ive bought blueberry muffin mix, Scotch 8x10 mailers, tape, tissue paper, forks, spoons, knives!!! Normally I save well over 30 bucks..Ive done the deal a few times!


Buy 2 contour monitors use the up to 30 off coupon making them free. You will earn 5 back. Total MONEY MAKER!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a couple of couples....

Jeff and I have been hanging out with our new friends....going on outings, shopping, hanging out with the kids etc. Its been great for me to have someone to talk to. They have a daughter Aubrey's age and they are our age. Tonight we had dinner and drinks and sat by the fire. It was a lot of fun. Plus I had Margarita which was really good!!

I must practice self control!

It is very cool tonight....its going to get cooler...It feels a lot like FALL!!! I will want to bake, and decorate the house like fall tomorrow...I will try to just light my fall candles lol. Must practice self control....


We went to the grocery store this weekend. I asked Jeff to start heading out to the truck as I was paying. Trevor was talking to Jeff...

Hey Daddy


I have finger nails on my toes

Yea Trev those are toe nails

No right here these are finger nails on my toes

It was funny and had everyone cracking up!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Aubrey...

Just FYI your brother slept until AT LEAST 8:30 every morning. Sometimes A LOT later!! He also didn't insist on eating the whole refrigerator the second that he got out of bed. He let mommy have some coffee and wake up. I need a little time. Please stop waking up at 6:30 in the morning. You keep lowering your chances of ever being a big sister. You really are truly evil. I'm not asking much maybe 7:30. If you keep this up I may just have to get a real job and go to work if I am going to be up when the birds wake up!

Thanks..Love always,


everyone needs a cheat day

I decided on Friday I was going to have a cheat day. I ate things I haven't eaten in a month in a half. I made it to lunch and got so sick that I couldn't eat the rest of the day. Turns out my body likes fruits, veggies and whole grain over cheese, rice and grease!! I got it outta my system and don't ever want to do that again I just felt awful.

I was so busy all weekend, birthday parties, working on the yard, couponing, shopping and Trev having his first ever 24 hour bug. I didn't get one walk in!! However I just looked at the forecast and I should be able to walk this week. I will take a walk this morning pushing the kids...That is such a killer workout pushing 60 pounds of kids and probably another 10-20 pounds in stroller!

I am down now 15 pounds so back to the grind, logging into spark people and walking like crazy!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big bro

What a protective big bro Trev has become....If we go anywhere just him and me and leave Aubrey home he gets all upset bc she isn't with us. Today I went out with my friend Kim and she was putting Aubrey in her daughters car seat(she was driving)...So Trev is standing guard at her car...Why are you taking my Aubwee? MOMMMMYYYYYYY why is she taking aubwee? I told her she wasn't that we were all going out. Then he got all upset because he wanted to come! But its cute how he wasn't about to let her go anywhere wif his baby sister!

Its because Im green isnt it?!

My mom came over to walk with us and give us some ornaments...She got Aubrey a granddaughter, Trev a grandson and me a daughter....I almost died laughing because just this week I bought her the mom one of the same set!! Great minds think alike. Anyways she knows I cant find my Jim Carrey version of The Grinch so she loaned it to me. I put Trev to bed and turned it on and he comes in....Mommy can I PWEASE sweep wif you till Daddy comes upstairs...I said no go to bed. But PWEASE I want to watch Mr Grinch. I felt bad already bc I went out with a friend tonight and he cried and wanted to go with us as I was leaving...So hes laying next to me passed out...We will watch it again tomorrow...I LOVE this movie. I can recite it. Its also how I chose the name Max.


I was up this morning at 6 with Aubrey thinking I need to go back to school. I was all set to call my advisor then I realized we have the holidays coming up so maybe I will wait a bit...but no I should call now. Then I wrote out my list of shit I have to get done today and realized yea I cant go to school right now. Everyday is insainly busy...


Walked with the kids
played outside
Cleaned the house
Did Laundry
Took money to Jeff
Mowed the lawn
Cooked dinner
Gave Aubrey a bath
Walked again with aubrey
more laundry
cleaned up the toys and after dinner

Library to drop off books
bank to fight charges that are on my account that they stopped over a fucking month ago I'm so sick of this crap. Thank god its only 15 dollars!
Iparty, BRU, Yankee CAndle for returns

Seriously there is never a dull moment...

I somehow gained 1 pound back this morning. I am not happy. I walked twice, drank tons of water, had oatmeal, fruit, 18 bran crackers and 2 tsp hummus, a weight waters, 3 twizzlers, Chicken, corn on the cob.....That was all I ate yesterday all portions and in my calories....I did have a small slice of the blueberry pie I made...I guess that sent me over. I will do good again today and better see it by tomorrow or I will be pissed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7 weeks makes a big difference




We got him the week before the 4th. I cant believe how big he is already...

Doesn't he look MEAN...To bad he was just yawning lol



Yes it tasted and smelled as good as it looked! My first pie attempt and it went pretty well.


15 pounds in pictures

Today marks 6 weeks! I am down 15 pounds. I am wearing clothes that I couldn't fit into a few months ago and they are actually getting pretty loose. Its a great feeling. I cant really see a lot of the changes until I saw these pics. I was shocked. I was slacking a lot this week not eating dinner, snacking more, still staying within calories but I wasn't walking as much because of the crappy weather and became depressed. I walked the mall last night since it was raining again and walked with the kids in the stroller this morning. I am outta my funk and back to feeling great!!

THIS is the pic that made me change everything. This day i didn't do my hair or make up which I normally do. I also didn't care what I looked like and just threw clothes on. I am bending over so things are squished together making me look worse then I did but still its enough to make some changes I guess.


I took these pictures this morning. Excuse my tight pants but they are workout stretchy stuff. My hair was also a mess and just thrown up. The kids and I were getting ready for our walk so I ran downstairs and took some pics to try and document the weight loss!! The downstairs is a mess also. Very dark too!!


sweepin wif pee pees

On Saturday nights we let Trev grab his old toddler mattress and he gets to sleep in our room on the floor. We fall asleep watching whatever movie he would like. Its kinda a reward and special thing we do for him. On Sunday morning Trev wakes up and comes into the kitchen where we are making breakfast, cutting coupons etc.

Hey daddy I need to ask you something....Okay Trevor what(Jeff said)....Why do you sweep wif yous pee pees and nothin else. Jeff instantly starts laughing.

Jeff sleeps in the nude and evidently Trev was intrigued. Trev just didnt get it at all.

Mommy sweeps wif jammies, I sweep with HULK jammies and Aubwee sweeps wif jammies. You sweep wif jus a blanket and yous pee pees.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I used to be skinny

After I had Trev I was still going to the Gym, tanning, and taking care of myself. I think I was at what my goal is or maybe 10 pounds heavier. Not sure. But I think I look great compared to now!!


2.00 Magazines

I ALWAYS look at Everyday with Rachael Ray and never buy it its so expensive..I was recommended to this website via another coupon momma and got Rachael Ray and Shape for 4.00 for a 1 or 2 year subscription cant remember....

74 dollars in P&G coupons!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

CVS, Rite Aid, Target


Venus Gift Set with Shaving creme, refills and razor 7.99
-2.00 manu coupon
Solo Ultra 2.50
-2.00 manu coupon
Solo Ultra 2.50
Solo 2.77
Construction paper .88 cents
-1.00 solo coupon

Total 11.64


Huggies Diapers 8.99 saved 3.00
CG Eye shadow 3.49
CG Eye shadoe 1.74 saved 1.75
Bic Solei Razor 4.99 saved 2.00
Telegraph 1.50
CVS Cotton Swab 1.50 saved 1.29
CVS Cotton Swab 1.50 saved 1.29

-1.00 CG coupon
-1.50 Huggies Coupon
-2.00 Huggies CVS coupon
-2.00 Bic Solei Razor
-2.00 CVS ECB
-2.00 I have no idea what this was. I think a CG coupon that he put in for 2 instead of 1.
-5.79 ECB

Total 7.42 total savings 25.62

Rite Aid (Root Touch up by Marc Anthony, Garnier Finishing Spray(1.00 on display making money maker), and Astroglide is FAR. I didn't do any of these this week.

Durex Condoms 6.99
-Durex Coupon 2.00
-SCR 5.00

.01 cent moneymaker!!!



I have decided on the kids big gift...Well Aubrey's at least. Aren't these cute? I cant decide which one I like more...PhotobucketPhotobucket

I am thinking a Power Wheels or one of these for Trev...If you know Trev you know this would be a major hit!Photobucket

I think these are adorable and can be their big gift and the rest can be from Target clearance :)


After Sales, Shipping, Ebay fees etc I have made 75 dollars. Not bad for a week and a half!! If I could make 400 this month I would be thrilled.


On Saturday we met up with our new friends and their daughter. We took Trev to the farm we always go to for Pumpkins. It was such a blast. Trev got to feed the goats, bunnies and chickens first. After he used up his dollars(quarters) we went and got a crate and headed off to the blueberry patch. We spent a while in the trees picking blueberries. We didn't bring the stroller because Max was in the back of the truck and Aubrey got so heavy at times. Not to mention as soon as we picked them she tried to eat them:) All in all it was a very fun day and SUCH a bargain. 2.79 for what we normally spend 4.00 in the grocery store for. Last night Jeff asked me if I was going to make something so I am going to attempt a blueberry pie!! Here are some pics....


Water bills, The mall, and consignment

I talked to a few friends, I also saw the previous owners water bill. So I budgeted for 50 dollars a month even though we get billed every 3 months! May, June and July go buy and no water bill. Its always in the back of my head because I feel that Jeff and Trev are very very wasteful with water! Anyways I open the bill to see 48.xx I'm thinking great I'm right on budget. So I'm reading more from 5/5-8/5 it was 48.xx!!! Do you even know how thrilled I am. SUCH a freakin' sweet deal to be 100 under budget when it seems I'm always OVER budget!

I went with my mom to the mall as I had mentioned earlier in the week and I think I did pretty good. I returned 97 dollars worth of stuff to Gymboree, I bought only 62 dollars in pictures, I spent 20 in Disney Store. I got a new diaper bag which I DESPERATELY need and 3 toys for Aubrey's birthday party or Christmas from Little Einsteins. I was kinda pissed I spent the 20 bucks but I really do not have much for Aubrey for gifts and Trev has a ton so I need to even it out a little bit. All in All a very successful trip to the mall!

I go tomorrow to the consignment shop. I am going to drop off all the clothes I have of Aubrey's that are to small, my boppy, her tummy time pillow, her swing, and her bouncy seat! I may talk it over with Jeff and change my mind on putting all the baby gear up for sale because last time I did that I got prego with Aubrey a month later. With Aubrey I desperately wanted a baby right now not so much. But at least get all her clothes and my maternity shit outta here and that will free up tons of space.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I've been challenged

I am on a weight loss challenge with other moms on a message board I frequent. There are a few teams from different areas in the U.S., I am of course on the North East team. There is one girl and I have been neck and neck on huge weight loss through the past 5 weeks we have 6 weeks total. 1 more week to go!!! I have lost 12.8 and she has lost 12.6 we are both already over our challenge weight loss goal we made for ourselves. I have to kick ass this week. I would LOVE to beat her weight loss however if I don't I wont be upset about it. It will just be fun to get a few more pounds off. I am just so proud that between the two of us we have lost over 25 pounds for our team!!!!! Aubrey's birthday party is in 3 weeks. I would LOVE to say I lost 20 pounds by then but I don't think that is possible. If I could say I lost 18 I will be thrilled. I need to get Team Amanda shirts made lol



10 for 10

Hunts Ketchup
Orville Popcorn
Snack Pack puddings
There are a TON more Slim Jims, crunch N munch etc

If you buy 20 you get 10 dollars off you next purchase! I bought 5 Chefs, 2 Ketchups, 3 Orville, 4 Snack Packs, 6 Hunts Pasta Sauce. Total was 20-4=16-10 on my next purchase for 6.00 OOP!!!

10/25 Kellogs items I bought 10 used 5 1 dollar coupons and the 5 dollar off for a total of 15 dollars or 1.50 a piece! Eggos, Cereals, Cereal Bars, Fruit Snacks were all on the list

Sausage was bogo with a 1 dollar off online

Ground Turkey was bogo

Free lemon with online coupon

Some of the deals I remember!

Office Max and Staples

Office Max

Sharp Calculator 7.00 after MIR FREE
Eraser Caps .05 cents limit 5
Protractors .05 cents limit 5
4 pack glue sticks .50 cents limit 2
Crayola Markers .50 cents limit 2

FREE Elmer’s Glue limit 2
Papermate Mechanical Pencils .25 cents limit 2
Filler paper 9 cents limit 5
Printer Paper 1.99 limit 2
Crayola Markers .79 cents limit 3
Notebooks .75 limit 3
Index Cards .33 cents limit 3
Plastic Report covers .20 cents limit 10

Really good week this week

Target and Gymboree...You are a nasty bitch

Well not really...I just have lost my self control!! We paid off all our debt, paid for everything in cash, had a couple thousand in the savings account. We bought the house used Credit Cards for all the renovations and before I knew it we started using Credit cards again....THAT IS DONE!! They are back in the safe. I will not be using any but one. I use it to buy everything and pay it off at the end of the month and then I get rewards for gift cards, discounts or cash!

I am not stepping foot in Gymboree after Sunday. I am returning a few things that we don't need or they don't fit well at all. I will not step foot in that store again. Its just very toxic for me. The clothes are adorable but just not in our budget.

I will no longer go into Target except for on Sundays to get any great deals they have listed in the flyer.

Its very sad but its a bad addiction that I have. I conquered it before and I know I can do it again. It will just take a few months to get control of everything again.

I am going to try to stay out of the mall. I do know I will be there Sunday with my mom, Halloween to Trick or Treat at the mall, Black Friday, Pictures with Santa, Christmas Shopping. I will go only when Jeff is with me. I seem to do so much better with him. Its just a matter of me getting depressed and then spending money to fill the void.

I stuck to my weight loss goals I hope I can stick to my financial goals.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I quit the weight loss challenge....

JUST KIDDING as my brother would say.

I am down 12 pounds...Yes TWELVE pounds! I joined a challenge on a message board I'm on the day I started the weight loss thing. My goal was 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Tomorrow starts final week of the challenge and I already met my goal. As embarrassing as it is to admit any more weight I lose I will be in the 100's again. Yes I started out at 212!

I don't HAVE to use spark people but I do. I always am under my 1200-1450 calorie goal. I am supposed to be doing 90 mins of cardio a week. I am now up to 150-200 mins of cardio a week. I still cant really see the changes. Jeff says he can! I can def feel them in my clothes. When I started I was in XL shirts and I am not in L shirts and they fit nice. I was also bulging out if I could even fit into size 16 jeans or XL pants. I now wear size 16 but they are starting to get pretty loose. I also can fit into a L yoga pant.

It is very embarrassing to admit all this stuff. But its the truth. I am skinny at a size 8/10! So hopefully I will keep on truckin' and get there soon. 20 weeks till Christmas 1.9 lbs a week to go!

Making changes

I am trying to lower all of our bills. I am removing all the things that we don't need. We want them but we don't NEED them.

Our cell is the best plan that we can get. We are utilizing it as much as possible . We just blocked 411 so that we are no longer allowed to use that. That will lower our bill 10 bucks a month!!! 120 a year!

Our cable/internet I took away tons of channels and made our internet slower. Our bill went from 116 to 87 That will be a savings of 29 a month or 348 a year.

Electric I'm trying not to use the AC's if at all possible and when they are on they are up very high. If its sunny out the curtains are all open and all the lights are off. I wash with cold water, I do dishes with cold water and everyone takes room temp showers no more steaming hot showers.

Water Use as little as possible. Kids get baths every other night. I take one shower a day instead of 2-3 and run the dishwasher every other day.

Hopefully we will see these changes. If I could save 1k a year it would be great


A decent deal...Do one or both

Kellogs Nutrigran bars are 4/10 Use 2 of the 1/2 coupons from this weeks paper and get them for 8.00 earn a 5 dollar RR. Its rumored that some Wags are printing out two 5 dollar RR.

Axe Body wash

I bought 4 at 1.59. Total was 6.xx I earned 2 free movie tickets up to 12 each!! You can use the RR for this or keep it to roll.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


PUH-LEASE go read this blog. I am in tears. It has always been my worst fear to die before my kids and leave them without a mother. This poor man lost his wife the day after their daughter was born. Hes a single father doing a pretty kick ass job! Probably my new fav blog...Don't worry Jamie(YOFL) I will still read yours daily. I do need some financial inspiration daily!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dont you just love a bargain...

I LOVE Christmas Tree Shop. Its essentially a store full of cheap crap. I really only go there for decorations for the house...occasionally get a baking pan of some sort. They are great for fall, halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentines Day decor. I always LOVE to have my place decorated for the season. When we were younger my mom always went ALL out for Halloween so I think thats where I got it from. I love seeing Trevors excitment when we decorate for a new holiday. They are just now getting to putting out some Fall/Halloween stuff...

I purchased...

A flag base to bolt to the house
A Halloween Flag
2 Fall lawn decorations
2 Ghost Lawn decorations
a sound and picture book for Trev
a foamy letter book for Aubrey
3 4pks of AAA batteries
2 big tupperware containers for Jeff to take leftovers in
2 large really nice decorative pumpkins
2 small really nice decorative pumpkins
1 wilton baking pan(a flower)
1 large bottle of season
3 packages of halloween baking cups
1 4 pack of halloween cookie cutters
1 6 cupcake (pumpkin formed) pan
1 large notepad
1 jumbo pre-school activity book
1 hardcover back to school book

All for 60 dollars!!!

I think just the baking pan, cups, cookie cutters and wilton pan would have been that much in Target.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Being a home body!!

In the fall and winter I have no problem staying at home all the time. Its cold and snowy out who wants to be out in that mess. Plus I love looking and smelling all my fall, Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas decor and candles....If you cant tell Im DYING for it to be fall. I have had enough Summer lets move on...

Anyways in the summer I have major issues and always go out and spend spend spend....OOOO Fed Ex just pulled up lets see what I get today :)Ugh just our remaining cabinet door that needed to be fixed. Anyways I vowed this week I am not going out much. Today I planned to go to the Post office...

We ended up going to The post office, then the library to get new cards since we moved to a new town, Trev played in the childrens room and we made an olympic torch. We also borrowed about 5 kids books and then he found a book ALL about MOOSES. Now you would think who in the hell would want a book on a Moose. The answer is my child. He loves them no idea what it is but he talks about them all the time.

We also went to the BK and had lunch and let him play in the play place and of course stopped at Rite Aid and got me some -1.00 face wash :)

It was a very good day. We all had a lot of fun. I also didnt spend much money which is a great thing.

I got the mail and recieved my Yankee Candle Halloween book YAY!!! I cant wait till Halloween. It had a coupon for 15/45. I just got a gift card for 25 from my bank account points. I will pay 5 dollars for 45 dollars worth of yummy smelling stuff YAY!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekly deals!


Jif Peanut Butter 2.00 x8 16.00
-4 1/2 Jif coupons 12.00 or 1.50 each! Jeff LOVES Jif Peanut butter


Nutri-grain bars 4/10 10.00
-2.00(1/2 Kellogg coupon)
Angel soft Toilet paper 1.79
Angel soft Toilet paper 1.79
-1.60 Wags coupon
Campbell's tomato soup 1.39 4X
-2.80 Wags coupon
Total oop:12.74 with 5 back My receipt says I saved 6.60

Rite Aid:

Revlon Nail polish 2.99
(I didnt have a 2.00 coupon but its out there)
Acne treatment for women 7.99
Noxzema Razors 3.99
(again I think there may be a coupon out for these)
Fusion Razor 9.00
-4.00 manu coupon
Nice and Easy Hair color 7.49
-2.00 manu coupon
-1.50 in ad coupon
CW Shampoo 4.99
Infusium Conditoner 5.99
-3.00 manu coupon

Olay face wash is 7.99 with 7.99 back and a 1.00 coupon in the paper my store was already out by 9!

Total: 28.95 I will recieve a SCR check for 29.96 back .01 cent money maker!!!


Powerade x3 3.00 reg 1.69 each
Today Sponge 2.99(I will sell this on ebay)reg 11.99
Dora dolls x2 1.24 each 2.48 4.99
Crest 2.49 reg 3.29
Advil Children 5.79 reg 6.99
Covergirl clean 5.79 reg 6.99
Covergirol clean 0.00 BOGO
tea 1.59
tea 1.59

Total: 52.08-coupons, in ad deals, 7.99 ecb...8.35 and I earned 9.79 back!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nothing makes me happier.....

then a clean house!!

Ive spent most the morning cleaning, organizing, shopping etc. I am never more happy then when my house is clean, candles are doing their thing, and everyone can relax while I make some treats and a yummy dinner.

I also realized there are a few things that really piss me off. Telling me my house is dirty when it is in fact almost ALWAYS picture perfect. Telling me that I am a bad mother and don't spend time with my children when thats all I do and ENJOY IT! Finally telling me how cheap I am or embarrassing I am because of my cheap frugal ways.

That is all Have a great weekend in case I don't get to post again.