Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Until 3/24 Target has these playdoh sets for 8 dollars each. They are normally anywhere from 9.99 to 12.99. My plan:

Doctor Kit 8.00
Octopus Kit 8.00
Ninja Turtle 9.99
Total: 25.99
-Target coupon(birthday) 5.00
Total oop 20.99
Savings of 14.98


This week there is a coupon in the ad for 1.99 for Dixie Plates and Cups. This past Sunday there was a coupon for 1 dollar off 2 packs of Dixie Plates. I bought two at 5.99 each. Used my coupon from the flyer bringing my total to 3.98. After coupon 2.98. CANT BEAT THAT.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Victorias Secret Deal

Go to this bikini....Order it for 5.99 and put in these two codes and you will recieve a free tote also....

BSEXY and SP89829

Thanks Lauren from BBC.

Now I am not participating in this deal as I try to avoid darts thrown at me by people thinking Im a beached whale. But maybe you are skinny!

A old friend....

Today I got a call from a very old friend whom I haven't talked with for a long time. I went into pre-term labor the week before her wedding so I didn't get to attend her wedding. I felt awful but I thought she was pissed so I never called(I know I have no backbone and hate confrontation). Anyways....She called today and we were catching up. I had aubrey in my lap and she was trying to eat her toes. The kids were quiet(DUH dumb ass two 3 yr olds quiet check on them). Well they found Trevor's Valentines Day candy and had a BLAST! I really hope Bonnie(the mom of the girl I babysit) wasn't mad. I hope she doesn't think I just let them do what they want and eat candy all day. They were laughing and jumping around like manaics. O this should be a fun evening! I think we are off to Chuck E Cheese as long as Jeff says its okay!

My name is Amanda and I am OCD

I read a great quote somewhere about letting dust bunnies sit there because children are only children for soo long. I wish I could think that way. I find myself cleaning daily. Im always dusting, disinfecting, sweeping, mopping, making sure everything is in its exact spot. I miss so much play time with Trevor. I really wish I could stop. I get antsy if the place is a mess or if I go to other peoples houses and its messy....IM such a loser I kno! Well off to clean bathrooms and bedrooms since Trev has Jessica to play with today!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two aint got shit on three

OMG The fresh attitude and talking back is going to KILL me. Today Trevor and I were playing in his room. We were racing his Imaganext Dinos. His was losing so what does he do KICK mine. He went right to time out needless to say. Then I asked him why he did that he said because he said so. GRRR. Damn THREE year old attitude.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

CVS this week

Buy 10 in Nestle Candy get 5 ecb. Use the bricks IP coupon for 1 dollar off. FREE candy!

Softsoap is 3.99 earn 1.00 and use a 1 dollar coupon from the colgate site and get soap for 1.99

My scenario for this week:

Qty Each Item Cost ecb
1 $ 9.99 Venus Embrace $9.99 $ 6.00
1 $ 3.99 SoftSoap $3.99 $ 1.00
1 $ 3.99 Di Giorno pizza $3.99
2 $ 1.00 Gatorades $2.00 $ 1.79
1 $ 0.50 Peeps $0.50







Total $20.47
Qty Each Coupons
1 $ 2.00 Embrace coupon $ 2.00
1 $ 2.00 CVS Embrace coupon $ 2.00

$ -

$ -

$ -

$ -

$ -

$ -

$ -

$ -

$ -
CVS $/$$ or CRT $4.00
Gain or Total Coupons $ (8.00)
Lose Total after Cpns $12.47
ECBS Pay with ECBs $10.98
$3.68 GRAND TOTAL OOP $1.49 $ 8.79

Thursday, February 21, 2008

and one more...

This one will make Jeff have a 20 min commute. We will live in the same town as his brother also. We will be further from his family and about 20 mins from mine. The house needs just paint and flooring. We could upgrade slowly as we get in there and get used to living in it and see what we want.


another house...

I hate the way this one looks from the outside...HATE HATE HATE that garage. It would need a fence. Big yard. It is listed at 8k more then what we want to spend so we would get it for what we want to spend. Taxes are okay on it. It would need new carpet and paint in the bedrooms, the kitchen needs some cabinets. It has a new dishwasher however needs some cabinets. The floors in the kitchen would need to be redone. It def needs a ton more work then what I have listed.


more houses.....

I hate the price range we have to look in...But whatever they need work and we are prepared to do a ton....

House 1: Its listed at 10k less then what we want to spend so prob 15k after all is said and done...

Has new carpet, taxes are low, decent sized yard, yard needs work, needs a new outdoor fence, wallpaper has to be removed, we would probably change out the kitchen to a better layout however re use the new cabinets and appliances, same thing with the bathroom.








Trev is always asking Jeff and I to draw pictures for him. He just started yesterday drawing pictures of "people". This is a picture he drew of me. Hes getting so big. He makes me smile everyday. Hes such a smart boy. Maybe its just me but for someone who just turned 3 2 months ago he can count, knows shapes, knows colors, and is starting to draw. I love him :)


CVS this week and Toys R Us

CVS: CVS Sucks lately with no printable's out. But you do the best you can. I spent 11.47 for 76.97 dollars worth of stuff. We actually needed all of it this time :)

I purchased:
2 packs of Huggies Pull ups (there are 2 dollar coupons out there)
1 Palmolive dish soap
1 12 pack of cottenelle tp (there are 1 dollar coupons out there, I think I didn't have anymore though)
1 Gillette Venus Embrace (2 dollar coupons from this weeks Sunday paper)
1 energizer 4 pack of d batteries(1 dollar stickie on the batteries)
4 packs of cadbury mini eggs
2 reeces eggs
2 4 packs of peeps
1 Cadbury Egg
5 Digiorno Pizzas(Jeff's lunches)

I got most of the candy the kids will be getting for Easter in their baskets....

Then to get the toys for their Easter Baskets from Toys R Us

All Cars are b2g1. They are 3.29 each so I bought 3 for the price of 6.58 savings of 3.29
All Transformers are b2g1. I bought the small two packs at 5.99 each for the price of 11.98 a savings of 5.99
Fisher-Price baby stuff is bogo up to 19.99. I bought her the gum ball machine for 19.99 and got a purse for 16.99 free a savings of 16.99

They also had super hero packs for 2.60 a piece regularly 14.99 a savings of 12.39. I bought two.

In total I purchased everything for about 50 percent off :) Easter shopping is done, Trevor's prize box is full and I even have another present or two set aside for Christmas and birthdays :)

In total I saved 26.27

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yankee Candle, Gymboree etc

Yankee Candle has Valentines Day sets with 3 votives, a candle holder in a bag for 5.49. Good deal for mothers day or something like that.

Its gymbucks time. For every 50 you spend you get a 25 off 50 on a purchase made during redeem time. They have a 10 and 20 dollar baby sale going on now mix that with a 20 percent off mailer coupon decent deal. If you like gymbo

Valentines Day stuff is 75 percent off everywhere you go. Good time to stock up on those stuffed Animals, bags etc. The things you spend a ton of money on for Valentines Day each year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ok so first off I'm very dramatic.

Now I am pretty sure my boobs are about to explode. I need to dig my pump out. Aubrey isnt eating very well. Anytime she nurses we both end up covered in milk. Shes not taking as much as she normally does. My boobs just keep filling and filling. They feel like they are about to explode. So if I die of a boob explosion please dont laugh. This has made me DREAD weaning her off the boob. Well back to care for my very sick baby girl. Have a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sick babiess

Last night it was my goal to get Aubrey to bed and then work on my 1000 word paper for my class due today(Sunday).

Did not go as planned.

She woke up about 10 mins after I put her down so I get her to sleep and put her back in her crib same thing. She would lay on her back and instantly get all stuffy and cant breathe. So last night I slept with her on my chest. We were up every 20-30 mins. She did sleep about a hr and a half from 6ish on.

We woke up at 9 and she wasn't herself. Didn't want to open her eyes just kept crying. So I changed her and was sitting up and she fell asleep again. Shes been sleeping most the day, not smiling. Shes sleeping with Jeff as we speak. You know shes sick cause she will NEVER sleep with him. I did get my paper done thank god!

I'm exhausted but I just cant sleep because I'm so worried about her. She has a temp of 99 the docs said keep Tylenol in her and if she stops eating then call them back(Which pisses me off to no end) I wish there was something a doc or I could do for my poor little peanut. However I am selfishly LOVING all the snuggles :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I went to the doc on Tuesday and got on Zoloft. If you know me you know I hate taking meds. I hardly ever take them. But I had to do what was best for my kids and marriage. I hate being such a nasty bitch all the time, I hate being overwhelmed all the time, I hate having the worst anxiety over everything. Ive been on them for two days now. I know its no miracle drug but I feel no change at all. I hope this kicks in soon. It seems like I'm getting more and more depressed.

I taught him well....

Jeff and I exchanged gifts and gave gifts to the kids for Valentines Day. A few weeks ago I saw the Hallmark commercial with the dog and just said how cute the dog was. Well Jeff for once listened to what I said I didn't have to tell him anything. We weren't supposed to get each other anything in an effort to save money. But he used his spending money to get it so I cant complain.

Anyways...I got the dog and played with it with the kids for a minute or two and then went and on the table there was 2 birthday cards. I'm like what the hell are these. Hes like well you had to buy them to get the dog. I'm like no you don't. Hes like well it was cheaper to do it this way...SEE I learn. I started laughing. I taught my husband to be as cheap as me. He makes me so proud lol.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The little girl I babysit is from the area where Jeff grew up. This area of Mass the people have the WORST Boston accents. I got a good laugh today when...

she told trev I have a big swing at the PAHK.

Trev goes the WHAT...

she responded The PAHK

O the PAUK

These damn new englanders. I still yell and correct all my in laws Trevor's name is TREVOR not TREVA. Damn Yankees as my dad would say.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another house we like.....


Check ups!!

Aubrey, Trev and I all had check up appointments today.

Trev was first. Doc said the regression of potty training is probably just another control issues(no idea where he gets that ;)) Same thing with the fresh ness. Terrible twos and trying 3's. I still say 2 aint got shit on 3. She said hes so smart. She loves how much he knows, how well he talks, and his motor skills. She said she thinks he will do very well in school. He is sick as a dog though poor baby. His nose and lip is RAW. I hate not being able to help him. He has a bad cough too. :( He is off the charts for his height which I kinda figured. Hes 38 pounds which is 95th percent like hes always been. So hes def just gonna be a bigger built boy. I asked about his weight and she said that hes okay because he eats good and bad and just balance them out a little more of the good less of the bad.

Aubrey was next she said she looked very good and very healthy. She is 15.9 pounds in the 75th percent. She is 26 1/2 inches long 95th percent. We are gonna try a sippy cup with my breast milk to see if she will take that. Also cereal with my milk since she wont take it with water. She was such a champ with her shots. She has to go back in 4 weeks for more :(

We then went to the real estate office to fill out the actual pre-approval paperwork and select our financing option. We decided to go with PMI and 100 percent financing. Both scenarios were for 100 percent financing but the pmi was only 5 dollars more a month and once we reach the 20 percent in equity then we will be paying 106 less a month :) With the points we choose we decided to get a interest rate at 6.25 so we pay less a closing. We are also requesting the seller pays 5100 towards closing costs so we will pay 800-1000 :) Im still very scared about this whole process. However a house we loved sold for 10k less then asking price or 15k I cant remember the price. It was also sold for 20k less then what we are approved for. So that is a very good sign. As for now this is the house I love. It of course WONT be there when we buy but still....


Monday, February 11, 2008

loving my some shaws


Im loving the 10 dollar meat coupon deal. I spent 15.75 oop for all of this. It should have been 59.99 :)


That is 2 packs of Italian Sausage
2 packs of chicken breast
2 packs of ground beef
2 packs of breakfast sausage
2 packs of hotdogs
skippy pb
a candy bar
2 boxes of corn
2 boxes of cereal
6 boxes of toaster strudels

On the personal note...I found 16 bucks in my pocket of a old jacket today so I decided to go to shaws :) I know the sad pathetic life that I live. Im dying I think lol...I have horrible stomach cramping since yesterday. Its either my appendix, gas or a ulcer. Trev has a nasty cold. Tomorrows everyone but Jeff has doc appts then we have to go to the real estate office. KILL ME NOW please.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My trip to the mall.....


Well I went to the mall with about 35 dollars on me. I said I only wanted to spend that. I wanted to get Chick Fil A, a candle from Yankee Candle, a shirt for Trev for Easter and exchange Aubreys bathing suit. I didnt get a shirt for Trev, I could have used our debit card but I decided to wait. Next time I babysit and make any money I will use that...

I did get a Large Candle for 18.99 (5 dollars off)
Aubreys bathing suit exchanged
A card for a friend
A diaper genie Refill
Dinner for Jeff and I

Im so proud of myself. I didnt spend any money on our card. I went into the mall and got what i needed even browsed but knew I couldnt spend a dime. We also went to Home Depot and looked at what it will cost to remodel kitchens, bathrooms, floors etc for the house when we buy it. We will def be able to do floors, bathrooms, kitchen appliances but the kitchen itself will probably have to wait.

We also bought a large chest style freezer I had a 80 dollar gift card so we only spent 100. Its on the smaller side but we don't need a huge one. It will be great to stock up on meat. I cant wait to use it. I will also freeze anything and everything I can

Friday, February 8, 2008

Shaws and CVS trip REVISED


1 Venus Embrace Razor
1 1/2 gallon of milk
2 DiGiornio Pizzas
1 20 oz Soda

Spent: 16.47 in ECB and earned 9 back. Spent 1.48 :)


1 pack of bulkie rolls
6 packs of gushers
1 pack of Weaver chicken nuggets
2 packs of Weaver Chicken Pattys
2 Welches Juice
6 boxes of veggies
2 boxes of crunch n munch
7 Yoplait Yogurts
3 pounds of Bananas
1 hunts tomato paste
2 toaster Strudels
1 hood ice cream
1 giant loaf of bread
1 pack of hamburger buns
4 Spiderman Fruit Snacks
2 Natures Valley granola bars
3 Smuckers Preserves
3 1 lb packs of ground beef
3 Bar S Hotdogs
1 pack of marinated beef slices
1 pack of Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage

Total oop: 50.16

Savings of 67.48

PLUS I now have a .30 cents off a gallon my next tank of gas


Well I took the plunge and decided to try and start babysitting again. I had the kids from the time they were about 13 months old until I was 8 months prego. I had to stop bc Aubrey tried to come out 6 weeks early and docs advised me to be on bed rest and not be stressed etc. So i decided it would probably be best without 2 toddlers around.

Well Trev hasn't been the same since I stopped babysitting. He really enjoys playing with Jessica. They play pretty well together. Yea they get a little fresh with each other at times but what 3 yr olds don't. Shes changed a lot she used to be very clingy and sometimes didn't even want to play unless I was there. Shes very into playing now, she does want to come and sit on the couch with me at times but mainly just plays with Trev.

We could also use the money now. I figure it can be our spending money and if I don't babysit that week we don't have extra money since we try not to spend a dime anymore for the house. Im hoping I can keep up with my school work, blogging, the house and Aubrey still. We shall see..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shaws and Stop and Shop

Shaws and Stop and Shop

Just got back....

2 Ortega Taco Shells
11 Gatorades
3 Nutrigran Bars
1 pack of Hillshire Farms lunch meat
5 cans of Tuna

Total 21 dollars. I saved around 20 bucks I also earned 4 off my next purchase of 25

Stop and Shop

4 boxes of juice
2 hot dogs
2 packs of shredded cheese
1 california kitchen pizza
3/4 lb of grapes

Total oop 19 and earned 7 off my next purchase

Chocolate Chip

We were at Petsmart yesterday behind a female pit bull. Trev runs up in line Mommy can we get a puppy like that with Chocolate Chips. I'm thinking WTH is he talking about. SEE right there those chocolate chips....(Her nipples) OH my was I laughing. I wonder what a male dog would have.

Its really happening!!!

We just got the call that we passed step one in the home ownership start.

You have to get pre- pre-approved in a way. They run your credit report to tell you what you can qualify for. So she did that and we qualified for about exactly what we wanted to spend. So when we pay off chase next month we will get pre-qualified for a little more and be where we want to be. Our payment for insurance, mortgage and taxes will be 300-400 more then what we are paying for our apartment. Ive never ever felt happier then I do right now. I feel like this is going to happen. I CANT WAIT TILL OCTOBER when we own our home :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


February 12 is National Pancake Day, and again ot celebrate IHOP is giving away free short stacks (3 buttermilk pancakes) from 7am-10p.m.

Thanks thenewdino

A 40 dollar tip

We went out to eat at Trev's fav restaurant on Sunday. We get there and sit down the guy takes our drinks and Trev's meal. Comes back and asks if we want bread and orders our meal. The bread NEVER came. WHY BOTHER ASKING? Then we finally get our food and we go our whole meal needing refills and he is nowhere to be found. Never waiting till I just stuffed my mouth full of food and came over to ask me how everything was....So I pay and give him a coupon so it came to 29.55. I made it a even 40 and put 40 in the TOTAL part of my receipt because both kids were crying. I was just trying to get outta there. Well check my bank today and he gave himself a 40 dollar tip! So I have to call today and get this straightened out. If they wont do it for me they will be dealing with Jeff and hes not as nice as I am. I hope this gets fixed and I don't have to call corporate or better yet not ever go there again. Trev LOVES it there.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What did you think she was going to do

Keisha(yes KEISHA I didnt name her) is a very old cat that is very skiddish around people. Aubrey always stares at her like shes a giant boob licking her lips and all. I think she plots ways to get her in her mouth. Trev thinks shes a toy. Hes constantly pretend shooting her when he hunts buffalos(shes the buffalo). He lays down on her, chases her around the whole apartment. I am forever telling him to cut it out and leave her alone. Well today she scratched him...The convo went like this...

trev: ouch keisha scratched me

me: let me okay

trev: but it hurt

me: then leave her alone like I said your okay

trev: I pulled her tail

me: can I pull your ear and tell me how it makes u feel....

Trev: UGH okay I go to bed now

How sweet?!

From our wedding...Ive been going through the pics over time and order some here and there. They are so damn expensive. I just got this one in my most recent package of pics....So sweet. This is my best friend Jennis daughter Hannah and my son Trevor at our wedding. SOOO sweet


Sunday, February 3, 2008

CVS Weekly deals

1 Garnier Shampoo
1 Garnier Conditoner
4 Bottles of Asprin
2 Bags of Cupids Mix M&M's
4 Lady Speed Sticks
5 Maybelline Eye shadow trio
1 Colgate Total Toothpaste
3 Soft Soap Body washes
3 12 pks of Coca Cola
2 DiGiorno Pizzas(for Jeff)
1 Newspaper
1 Diet Coke Plus 20 oz

Paid: 1.80 oop...saved 104.68!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My stockpile.

A stockpile is a very good idea if you have the room. I got most of this stuff for free or for pennies or at least 50 percent off. I am all set in the bathroom for at least 6 months...We are working on food but dont have a lot of room. The first slide show is from my MIL's house the second one is at our apartment.

If you cant see it here is the link:

My apartment:

and the link:


Some people have crack, Some people have beer, I have shopping. It is a serious addicition.

I am however the cheapest person I know. I will stalk something until it goes on clearance and when I say clearance I mean at least 50 but mainly 75 percent off. Everything does eventually. If it doesn't it has to be on sale and I have to have a coupon.

I've made up my mind that I will limit going to Target once a week. I will only go in with a list and if its not on the list I'm not getting it. Ive gotten us stocked up for Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving Creme, Razors, Face Wash, lotion, and deodorant for the next year for FREE thanks to CVS, Wags and Target.

Lets hope I can do this. I really really really love that store but I don't really need anything else there. We have no storage to buy nice things for the home. So lets see if I fail or succeed.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Why did I ever...

Why did I ever let Trevor have junk food?!

In the morning before we go out if we are going to go out I let him have a UT bar(Nutrigran Bar), a bag of cereal, or a bag of fruit with a Water. Never fails he ALWAYS says I want Dunkin Donuts(he wants Chocolate Munchkins).

Then if we are still out he will ask for Fries. Given he gets a milk if he gets fries.

The fact of the matter is I just have to let him cry it out like I have been for the most part. He needs to learn that these are special treats. I need to just make my ass get outta bed in the morning so that we can all get out and back between breakfast and lunch.

He wont even be hungry and asks for them. Jeff has his nightly bowl of Ice cream too which needs to stop unless Trev is in bed. I dont want Trev to have weight issues.

Now how am I going to tell my 28 year old son(Jeff) that hes not allowed to have Ice Cream till Trev is in bed.

Firefighter morning at Shaws was great. Trev was in awe and well you know men in uniform YUM-O I even love Jeff in his greasy work shirt and pants. No clue what it is about those uniforms. It was great until Trev fell busted his lip on the concrete and cart outside. But the firefighters came to his rescue. He doesn't need stitches but hes got a nice FAT lip.

This weekend will mark us trying to get Aubrey to take a bottle. Im not sure how this is going to go but Momma needs a break every now and then. If she really fights it again I will give up. But I need a break badly. Did I mention I need a break :)