Monday, March 31, 2008

It was a great weekend. Saturday I went out with my mom while Jeff had to work on some cars. We were supposed to go to a birthday party after but Jeff got caught up on the cars. Then we went and got some stuff for me to update the bathroom a little and went grocery shopping!

Sunday we had to go and do our normal bargain hunting and getting the deals of the week. Then we took my brother driving and the kids to the park and let Trev roam around. It was cold but Aubrey had a blast. She was screaming and squeeling.

Here is a video of them last night...Trev really had her going.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Funny things Trev has said...

Today after he ate breakfast he came and told me he had a tummy cake. I said a tummy ache? Yea thats what I said a tummy cake.

We were playing playdoh as we do daily :( I hate play doh. Anyways he got it all under his nails. So I said we will have to clean them. He said no I just got them dirty when I was at work. (Jeff is a mechanic if you don't know and has grease under his nails at all times) I thought it was cute!

I have a head ache so I was sitting on the couch. I asked him to bring Aubrey a toy. So he went and grabbed every toy in the living room, her bouncy seat and her paino thing and brought them all to her. Talk about being literal!

Yesterday the Realtor got outta the truck when we were done looking at houses. Hes like WAIT I dint get to kiss her. LOL

FInally he asked to call Jessica. SO I called her. When he got off the phone he said well she said I can go to her house. I said well you cant we have to ask Bonnie. He goes and grabs my phone CALL BONNIE THEN IM GOING TO JESSICAS! Poor kid. Poor Bonnie always has to listen to him say he wants to go home with her lol.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Im so very stressed

I just did my homework for the week. I still have to participate but the work is done! My classes went from 2 9 week classes at a time to 1 5 week class. The work load seems a bit more. Thats not frustrating me. Figuring out the new layout of classes is!! I also need to buy 2 books :(

We are going out every freakin day it seems looking at houses. I had my crying fit this morning. I'm just so drained. We lost another house on Friday to an investor dont remember if I updated or not. I'm just so sick of house hunting. I don't want to settle but looks like I may!

We all need clothes so badly but I just dont want to let go of any money. Not to mention shopping for all of us with one another will just plain out SUCK!

I haven't been cooking dinner and barely keeping up with the laundry and cleaning because I'm always out house hunting. I would just like to get an offer in and accepted so that we can get back to our routine.

Just needed a little vent! The kids are being pretty well behaved well AUbrey is her bitchy self but thats just her. Jeff and I have been getting along VERY well I don't know why but its great

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My babies looking so cute!

My babies all dressed up Easter morning!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Today Trev, Aubrey, Jeff and I all dyed Easter Eggs, colored them with crayons, put stickers on, even shrink wrapped some. Trev is in bed he put out the Eggs for the Easter Bunny so that he would know to hide them(they are back in the fridge of course). He also picked two carrots for the easter bunny because I told him Carrots are good for your eyes. He told me well the Easter Bunny has two eyes so he needs two carrots :) Here are a few pics from tonight. Tomorrow mid-day we have to go to Jeff's parents for Trev to get his second round of Easter goodies from his parents. Then after that we are going to my moms for the third round. It should be a tiring day. I will post pics!


update on house #2

Well we lost another one. Due to another investor. They were calling to say we had it. When they got a cash with no inspection offer and last minute changed their mind. Whatever Im soooooo over shopping for houses. I gotta try and keep my head in this and no go crazy. I hope something pops up soon!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy 8 Sale

I went to Crazy 8 they are a lot like GYMBO think how Old Navy is to Gap....

I spent 50 dollars and saved cant beat that!!

For Aubrey I got

A pair of pants that can be capris
A dress
A hat
3 shirts

For Trevor I got
A pair of pants
a pair of shorts
A pair of flip flops
A hat
A shirt

Use the code save20 for 20 percent off and free shipping. A lot of stuff is 50 percent off. That is a savings of 70 percent :)

Im not ready for a girl!

I know I am about 6 actually almost 7 (wow my little princess is growing up fast) months late on this one. But Jessica has a doll thats talking and its just flat out annoying me. I hate barbies, doll babies, and all that crap. I try and buy for Christmas and Birthdays throughout the year. Only when I see a great sale and can get something more then 50 percent off. The only thing that isn't 50 percent off if I can help it will be whatever Trev asks for from Santa. Anyways Trev is getting quite the collection of crap for X mas and his birthday and Aubrey doesn't have much. I still walk right past the doll baby aisles. Why did I have a girl. Im so meant to be that mom of 3 boys! I cant wait till she wants to get mani's and pedi's and let me show her how to put make up on. Then I will like having a girl lol

Oh and BTW still haven't heard on the damn house working on day 4 now since we submitted the offer. Damn people fucking with my patience, control issues and fear of the unknown! I am going to look at a few more houses this weekend while Jeff works on cars though :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got a ton of CRAP we DONT need. But I saved 33 bucks!

6 boxes of Nutri Gran bars
2 boxes of brownie mix
6 tubes of cookie dough
6 yogurts
2 philly creme cheese
1 dozen of eggs
1 pack of carrots
1 pound of grapes
4 packs of pasta
2 packs of hamburger buns
1 loaf of bread
1 pack of bagels

Target today!

OUCH I spent 80 dollars. However before all my tickets as Trev called them it was 108 and before sales around 175.

I bought two dog bowls that were on clearance to 6 something from 9.99
2 dog collars with skulls and crossbones for the dog at 4 something a piece for 6.99
(We are planning on getting a German Shepherd when we ever get a damn house)

A pack of wipes that were 1.99 minus my clipless and coupon they were 1.29
2 2 packs of Similac (to sell shoot me now I really don't give a fuck I have mouthes to feed)They were originally 10.99 a piece on clearance for 8.98 and I had 5 dollar checks making them 1.99 per jug of formula!

A buddies bar for .99 cents after my coupon I made a profit of .01 thank you very much :)

2 satin care shave gels trial sized for .99 each after 1 dollar coupons a profit of .02 :)

Some house painting kits that were 5.99 and 12.99 and I got them for both under 10.

A pack of Pull ups that were 9.99 after clipless and coupon they were 5.99

two containers of Kandoos which were 2.29 a piece after my clipless and coupons they were .77 a piece and I need those when Trev so kindly screams(MOOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEE WIPE MY BUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Two Windex Antibacterial cleaners for 2.44 a piece I paid 1.22 a piece after coupons

2 packs of Dixie plates that are normally 2.69 a piece I got them for 2.00 a piece

I also got Trev the cherry game thats normally 9.99, a fisherprice travel case which looks freaking awesome with colors and shit for his lap for the truck which is normally 19.99, two sharks that are normally 1.99 a piece, a magnetix spider man which is normally 9.99 a piece, and two Shrek 9 piece sets which are normally 3 bucks a piece for 19.97 I should have paid 49.97!!!!!

So a expensive day for me but not really for the amount I saved.

We also went to CVS nothing exciting....

I bought a lip gloss, three chap sticks, and a half gallon of milk and spent 11.97 in ECBS 1.99 oop and earned 17.97 back in ECB's :)

Im a total loser Im well aware of this however I need something to excite me in my life :)

Im WAYYYYYY to impatient!!

We put in a offer on a house on MONDAY!! We are still fucking waiting. The house is listed at 199900. Its not worth that. It was worth maybe 185k at the most. It needs a lot of sweat equity. So we decided we were going to put a offer in on it for 160k...Then we thought and thought and we decided we needed to go a little higher. The selling agent also told me that they were just dismissing offers so we should up it a little. So we figured 177 sounded good. Well good news is they didn't tell us no, bad news is Ive lost a ton of weight and cant even think fucking straight. I took Aubrey to her 6 month check up a week early today :( This is an estate sell and it just seems like they are waiting to see how much money they can get. Well as I said its not worth the asking price and after we put in a offer someone went to view the house and stepped on the porch which if we got the house we intended on fixing ASAP, and the fucking thing collapsed. So give us the damn house. I know we wont get it. We kinda put the offer in knowing that but figured what the hell Amanda could use a stroke with all the stress. Again its been back and forth between different types of mortgages and financing ways etc. Im so stressed and over the stress. Just tell me fucking NO already we all know you want to. OKay my very dramatic vent is over for the day!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why are you so materalistic

Okay now do not get me wrong. I would LOVE to be prancing around in a 2008 Camry or Rav-4 but....We cant afford it. The kids need to eat and have a place to sleep.

Well I'm at the bank today making a deposit waiting very patiently with Trevor basically doing cartwheels next to me because he wants a pop, and fake smiling at every person that looks at Aubrey and says what an adorable little baby. I don't want to ruin their thinking and let them know that I do not believe she has teeth coming in more like two horns! The lady behind me who pulled up in a Denali or something like that cell phone rings. She of course answers...

Mom I know I just need a little extra help this month with our bills. Im gonna lose my truck the house payment is late again. The kicker of it all before she hangs up okay I will come by after my nail appointment.

Okay now if you are constantly late on your truck to the point your going to lose it give it up take the loss. If you are late on your house maybe selling the truck will help, or down size and get something smaller you CAN afford. Finally If you cant afford your truck or house...STOP GETTING YOUR NAILS DONE!!

Sorry just my PSA of the day. But people like this chick make my interest rates higher and buying a house more of a PITA!

By the way I think I will have my 93 Camry until the day I die since Jeff refuses to let it die :)

They say...........

that buying a home takes 5 years off your life. I think its taken about 15 off mine. My phone rings non stop. My offers keep changing, financing keeps changing, financing companies. ETC. I cannot take much more. This is soooo fucking stressful. Dealing with Aubrey's non stop unnecessary crying doesn't help anything either. Lets pray we get a house soon for my sanity. O yea and Zoloft sucks! Doesn't fucking work. ESP when I'm this stressed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I say douche bag to much

I hate that word. I really do. But it has become a very common word in my language. If you cut me off your a douche bag, If you say something ignorant like calling people douche bags lol I call you a douche bag, If you mess up my order at DD your a douche bag. Anyways to get to the point. Aubrey has been fussing for a little while and shes in Trevor's room in her bouncy seat. Well Trev comes in here. Mommy Aubrey's being a Douche she wont stop crying. Yea that was fun rep remanding him for that. Back to watching what I say like a hawk since I have a little recorder following me around!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Bargain Shopping....

I made my plans for shopping tommorow. I will spend 39.43 and I will get 143 dollars worth of stuff AFTER sales and coupons so in reality about 175 worth of stuff....

4 $2.99 CVS Vitamin C 110 count
2 $0.99 Jelly Beans
1 $0.99 CVS Eggs
2 $2.99 Listerine Smart Rinse
2 $1.99 Lady Speed Stick

5 $2.20 Coca Cola
2 $0.79 Basic Paper Towels
1 $2.99 Duracell Batteries
1 $4.00 Dove Body Wash
1 $2.99 Bic

Yankee Candle:
1 $9.99 Tealights Package
1 $9.99 Clean Cotton Small Jars
14 $1.50 Votives
1 $4.99 Clean Cotton Small Jars

1 $0.99 one pound Chilliean Grapes
6 $1.00 Green Giant Veggies
2 $0.99 Philly Crème Cheese
5 $2.50 Pepsi
18 $0.50 Tyogurt
2 $1.25 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
1 $3.00 Johnsonville Sausage
1 $- Eggs
2 $2.50 Pillsbury refridge cookie dough
3 $3.00 Juicy Juice

Friday, March 14, 2008

we didnt get it

A person went and offered a TON more then asking price. So they are going to get it. Unless something falls through with the financing or inspecting then we are their next best offer.


Well I heard from the finance lady today and she told me she is still getting calls on it. So I have a feeling there is about 4 people on the offering table. I really hoped I wasn't going to get attached to the property but I am. Its a killer house! I do not think we are going to get it however. So I called the lady and she told me if we went through them we could get 100 percent financing like we wanted and it wouldn't end in March. So depending on when we here if we need to look at more properties we don't have to rush. I just have a awful feeling about the whole situation and to think we have to do this again soon probably. :(

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's 1 a.m.

and I cant sleep! This damn house! My phone has been ringing all damn day. The offer finally went in this afternoon. We found out someone else is putting an offer in. However my real estate agent told me the selling agent told her that he thought we put in a VERY smart offer. He really hopes that we get it :) I really do to. I know your not supposed to but its all we have been thinking and talking about. We have a bond with it. We really really want this house. However bc it is bank owned we could not find out for up to a week. I'm going to lose my mind. I cant sleep, eat or think about anything else. So please pray in hopes we get the house. I keep trying to tell myself if its not meant to be it wont be.

We put a offer in!

Yesterday was the busiest day of my life. I took my two kids plus my friends daughter that I babysit to look at a foreclosed home that just went on the market. Went to the house really liked it. HUGE yard...1.43 acres. BIG house 2k sq ft. Updated windows, electric, heating system, dog fence, deck etc. It has 3 bdrms, a game room, a full bath, 3/4 bath and 1/2 bath. Part of the basement is finished the game room. Its awesome. Everything we wanted. Taxes were high and the house was at the top of our price range. So we had to go through a second pre-approval and passed with flying colors again! So last night we put a offer in on the house bc 8 people looked at it yesterday and more are scheduled the next few days. I really hope we get it. If we dont its not meant to be. Im not going to go any higher then our above asking price offer!!! Here are some pics of course :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Christmas is like 9 months away but still

I went through the closets today. We def have all our nieces and nephews covered except for a few gift cards. I have a pretty good start on Trevor. Aubrey doesn't have much at all! However in September they always have a HUGE clearance sale(like Xmas) I will try and get her a few more things when they go 75 percent off plus use the 5 off 25 coupon. Then they will be close to all set. We will of course have to take a couple hundred and get Santa's gifts in December. But whatever SAVE ME MONEY!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

We might be buying a house THIS MONTH

Ok so we might be buying a house by the end of this month. The reason bc 100 percent financing will only be avaliable bc of the market till the end of this month. We will also only do it if the seller pays closing costs and our fees associated with breaking our lease. So we are looking at every house on the market in our price range over the next few weeks. We have 5 left to look at as of right now. Here they are...

These are three homes in a city we really didn't want to live in but we are going to look. They are on the outskirts and the only part of town that we would live in.

First one is 10k under what we want to spend, decent yard 3bed2.5baths very low taxes and yard in the back like Jeff wants....PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The next one is listed right at our price range and is HUGE 2000 sq feet. 4 bedrooms 2 baths.(so we could have another baby no problem. Photobucket

The final one in the area we dont want to live in will need to be bargained down...It has a ton of bedrooms SIX! higher taxes etc...Do we really need that many rooms..wait no do I really want to clean that many room... Photobucket

Then there is two in a town we wouldnt mind living in..a little above our price range. I will be looking at them this week and if I like them I will show them to Jeff also...I will keep everyone updated if I dont have a heart attack cause Im so stressed.

get off my ass

Ok now that everyone is getting better sick wise...How badly did these past two weeks fucking suck i need to get off my ass and clean. Ive really let the place go this week. I plan on attempting to get the closets organized, everything dusted etc...basically spot less like I normally keep it. This is a lot easier said then done with the monsters. Esp the one that doesn't sleep. This chick is goin to be the death of me I NEED SLEEP. I'm a nasty bitch without it. Well I'm a nasty bitch but I guess I'm worse without sleep!!

I have no excuse the next two weeks though! I am done with school for two weeks. I have my associates degree YAY!

However we may be buying before March 31 now so I may be really busy with that. We will see I will post more on that later. The remote only occupied the demon child for so long and now shes screaming like I beat her.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Build a bear

All 6 inch build a bears are 5.00 use the code 92592 at checkout. This will remove 5 dollars off your order. You just pay 2.95 for shipping. I ordered two a leopard and a triceratops for the kids for Easter. CHEAP!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Shooting weapords

Today Trev was running around with his light saber out.

To Jeff: Daddy, where is the weapord

Jeff: The Leapord what are you talking about?


Jeff: O the ferious beast keisha shes right there....

Trevor: KA BOOM ok I got her...

The kid has the biggest imagination.

Monday, March 3, 2008

We are falling apart....

Well it all started with the sniffles....

It started to get really bad on Thursday around 1. I just laid with Aubrey on me most of the day. I started to get a really high fever and shaking and called Jeff home. Well he had been fighting a stomach bug. So he came home and let me go to bed. That is pretty much where I stayed until this morning. (Monday). I had blood come up from coughing, swollen glands, high fevers, weak, pukey ness. It just wasn't good. I lost it on Sunday and just didn't think I could take anymore. I hate not being in control and taking care of my babies. I hate missing time in their lives. Not to mention I didn't want to get them sick. Well surprise Aubrey caught it from me. She has a runny nose, has had a 100 degree fever and has been crying most the day. Trev has just been laying around with his pillow and blanket(VERY NOT LIKE HIM). So looks like this week I will be disinfecting and getting everyone back to normal :(

I also got a call from the broker today saying that the 100 percent financing option may no longer be available when we buy but there is a grant we can get we just have to stay in the house for at least 5 years which we planned on anyways. We will stay in whatever house we buy till the kids are outta school. So hopefully we can still get the 100 percent when we buy in the late summer early fall if not we do have other options.