Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly weigh in

I didn't gain or lose anything...I think I did lose I'm just holding on to water weight. Yesterday I had a very salty dinner and I didn't walk. I can fit into a size 14 LOOSE now...I started this journey squeezing into 16's. Im so proud. I probably cant walk tonight and tomorrow but the rest of the week looks rain less so I should be able to!! I'm hoping next Tuesday I will be down 1.5 pounds! Heres to hoping :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


I have had a GREAT couple of days from CVS!!!

Trip 1:
Febreeze Noticables 6.99
Bayer Monitor 14.99
Cover Girl foundation 5.79
Revlon Nail Polish manicure set 4.99(b1g1 1/2 off)
Revlon Nail Polish manicure set 2.49
Febreeze Fabric Spray 3.99
Febreeze Fabric Spray 3.99
Coffee 1.99
Gillette Fusion set(comes with razor, refill, shave gel and a bag I think) 9.99
Venus Breeze gift set (comes with razor, refill, olay soap and bag) 9.99
Total came to 69.xx(I don't know what I am forgetting)
-10/50 CVS CRT
-4/20 CVS email
-5.00 Noticables
-14.99 Bayer Monitor
-1.00 CG product
-2.00 Revlon Color Product
-2.00 Revlon Color Product
-3.99 bogo fabric sprays
-4.00 Gillette
-10 ecb
oop was around 9.xx
I earned 5 for the monitor 5.79 for the CG, 5 for the Razor, 3 for the Venus Razor!!

I earned 8.79 more in ECB's but I count it a wash since I had to spend 9. My recipt said I saved over 112!

Trip 2
3 Tide detergent @ 4.99 each reg 8.99
1 Dawn detergent 1.99 reg 1.99
2 Oral B Toothbrushes @ 2.25 each reg ??

Total 20.46
-4/20 CVS email
-3 1.00 Tide
- .50 Dawn
- 2 1.00 Oral B
-5.00 ECB from Gillette deal
-5.79 ECB from CG deal
Total oop .17 and I earned 10.00 off Iron Man coming out tommorow

Trip 3( My plan for tommorow)
Iron Man 19.99
filler item .50 cents
Total 20.49
-10.00 Iron Man
-5.00 ECBS
oop 1.49

Not to shabby I think...For Christmas I can give away the shaving sets and Iron Man,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's on....

like Donkey Kong!


I have challenged a fellow reader. We are both trying to lose 50 pounds and are both around the 20 pound mark right now. Lets see who wins :) Mama H we need to pick a weigh in day...I'm pretty sure yours in Tuesday should we stick with that?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Trevor's pre-school update!!

I had a question about Tuesday and so I had to call Trev's school the director had the teacher call me back. She was telling me Trevor will be one of the FIRST kids to do show and tell because he is so well spoken and has GREAT communcation skills...This made me so proud considering he didn't even start talking till over 2!!!

She also told me is is such a sweet child and such a great friend. He is caring and always willing to help and take the initiative to help classmates before he is even asked. She said he listens great and is such a breeze to have in class. I love that. It makes me feel like I am doing a good job.

I am also so happy hes adjusting so well to class. Even though hes not really a mommas boy anymore he really is the apple of my eye. I love Aubrey too dont get me wrong but there is something special between Trevor and I. Aubrey and I have our special bond as does Trevor and I.

I do ride him hard and try to make him the best I can possibly make him and I don't care what anyone says its working. Hes going to be such a great kid. Okay sappy moment over :)

free earrings a 60 dollar value!!!

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Thanks to Veronica from BBC and slickdeals!


If stores can have Christmas out....

I can decorate for Halloween. Its technically only September 26th but I am going to decorate for Halloween today. I have gone into Kohls, Target and Christmas Tree shop to find Christmas trees, or decorating items in all of those stores....Gymboree, Gap etc all have their freakin Holiday outfits out. So yes I am a little early it should probably be done in October but who cares!!!!!!!! I love the holidays and I love to decorate and I get full use outta all of my home decor items.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aubrey pulled herself up!!!

I was such a proud momma....Then I laughed hysterically. I was eating a piece of bread. She was sitting in her chair with the table in front of her. All the sudden she pulls herself right up and hangs over the table so she can see what I am eating. She is such a fat kid stuck in a 6 month olds body. It was cute and such a moment!!

Trev learned about "ingenmens" in school today...They make music like pianos :) I love his way of saying things! Hes going to Grandmas tommorow night and we are most likely getting our carpet installed...YAY!! I will be up all night working on the playroom if thats the case Im sure :)


YAY!! I used spark people yesterday and didn't eat after 7 and drank more water and who is back to losing!! I am only 2.8 pounds away from my Oct 31st goal of a loss of 25 pounds. I think I can def meet that and hopefully pass it.

On the sad note my lap top stopped charging. Jeff cannot tell if it is the charger or lap top itself! I will be out of a computer until we can fix it or we get carpet downstairs and I can be on from down here :( Im so sad I love mommas puter time as Trev calls it.

However on the carpet issue we bought it all last night and Jeff's brother said if his games on Friday or Saturday get rained out he will come down and install it if not maybe Tuesday. I hope its Friday or Saturday bc then I can get the room all set up and they can enjoy it. We are also decorating for huck a ween Saturday since its going to be a nasty rainy day....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

October Financial goals....

I am looking towards living VERY frugally!!!!!

I have been planning my shopping trips ahead of time. I know how much I'm going to spend on Sunday mornings at CVS, Rite Aid and Wags a week in advance if not more. I also have been shopping my stockpile and meal planning. This has kept our food bill down a TON!

My goal is to have 2 of my credit cards paid off by Oct 31!!!

I would also like to have 100 put away for Christmas/Black Friday along with the 50 I already have.

Anything else needs to go onto credit card number 3. Paying off those credit cards wont do much for our budget but it will allow us 16 dollars that can go to the next debt!

Wish me luck

Ghiradelli Chocolate...GREAT stocking stuffers

This week at Wags Ghiradelli Chocolate is on sale!!!

-1/2 Wags Easy Saver Coupon
-1/2 Ghiradelli Chocolate coupon
2/1 they are normally 3.29 a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The playroom is almost there

We having been working our tails off getting the playroom done...

It is ready for carpet we are going to go buy it tonight and then Jeffs brother can install...


The ribbon and stars will display all of the kids art work. The chalk boards will be framed :)


Dress up stuff will be on this wall.


Shelving will be up to the wall here with boxes to store all the toys. I also have to put the curtain up.


Fish tank will be here and the brick will be gated off and painted white.

I cannot wait to get it all set up it is def my fav room in the house. I PRAY I can set it up this weekend we just have to see when Jeffs brother can find the time to come put carpet in.

Im such a proud mama


As Trev says...Its a aaaapull, wif a stick and weaves and a worm....not a caderpillar a worm

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rite Aid, Wags, CVS

Huggies 3/33
-SCR 10.00
- 3 1.50 manu coupons.

Total oop 18.50 or 6.16 a pack!!!

Thomas 2 packs of english muffins(12 ct) 1.99
Gatorade 5/5 with 3 ECB
Viva, Cottonelle 6.49, Kleenex 1.00, plus more...buy 25 get 10 ecb
Resolve Carpet Cleaner 3.99-2.00 resolve coupon 1.99
Adidas deodorant 4.99-1.00 coupon with 4.00 ECB

Smuckers Jelly 3/5 use 1/2 coupons making it 1.16 each


Join this site make a group or write reviews. For every 10 reviews you write you get a 5 dollar Target gift card. Well worth it for me!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trev called Santa...

Today we were having lunch and Trevor told me...

I called Santa wast night and I was wike hey santa I want the donnasaur that stomps...he was wike i will call you back...so then he called me back and I said hey santa and i want the donnasaur that stomps and rarrs and he has a bone and two balls. Santa said okay I will bring it to you.

THANK GOD santa thought ahead and already bought the one hundred and thirty freakin dollar dinosaur for 111(Santa is a bargain hunter too!)

The dino is Spike and looks freakin AWESOME!!! Hes going to love it.


Saturday we worked on the basement all day and went to my moms for dinner for fajitas! I made a apple pie for dessert...I was rushing and didn't pinch the crusts together all the way...Evidently the filling started to pour out and smoke FILLED my moms apartment...Next thing we know ALL the alarms in the hallway are going off except for the one in my moms apartment. TWO fire trucks filled with firefighters come up and were there for a good 30 mins trying to get the smoke out...IT WAS HILARIOUS! My mom got "embarrassed"...But my brother, Jeff, and I were cracking up...one of the firefighters wanted my pie, and the kids were so excited to see fire trucks and firefighters.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Can I perform a vascetomy?!

Jeff and I always joke about him getting snipped and me not wanting anymore kids...Well last night I sat down with him and we had a serious convo. He WILL get a vasectomy if we have one more baby!

Which is great but can our marriage handle psycho bitchy preggo Amanda, and emotional ppd Amanda?

How will Trevor deal being pushed off to the side again when another baby comes?

How will the worlds biggest drama queen and mommy's shadow Aubrey deal when shes not the center of attention?

We have 2 bedrooms...a very big one, and a small one. Currently Trev is in the small BLUE room and Aubrey is in the biggest room of the house the PINK one! So if we have another girl we are golden they can share...If not here goes more painting and renovations!

Can we afford me going into pre-term labor again and being on bed rest for 7 weeks!

Financially we would have to pay the hospital around 2-3k again to have a baby, buy all the baby stuff we don't have, send another to pre-school etc.

I am really really really going to have to think about this. It seems like the world is made for families of 4. I would LOVE another child the age of Aubrey right now...But a little tiny newborn can I really handle that again!

I think if we got our debt down to 10k again I would probably start trying because I can pay 10k down in no time....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My weekly deals...

These dont start till Friday and Sunday of course...Just trying to budget!

Large DiGiorno Pizza 4.50
2 Hood Ice Cream @ 2.22 each 4.44
1 Potatos 2.00

Total: 10.94
-DiGirno 1.00
-Hood 1.00
-Shaws 4.00

Total oop: 4.94 (the pizza is normally 6 dollars, Ice ccream is at least 4) TONS OF SAVINGS!!!!

Rite Aid(AWESOME diaper deal)
Huggies x 3 33
-SCR 10.00
-3 1.50 manu coupons

Total: 18.50 or 6.16 each...Normally 9 dollars these days is cheap for diapers!!!!!!!

4 Smuckers Jelly @ 1.66 each
-2.00 in manu coupons
Total 4.64( these run for about 3.29 each at the grocery store!!)


Adidas Deodorant 4.99
Gatorade x5 5.00
-1.00 Adidas
-3.00 ECB
total oop 5.99 with 7.00 back

CVS trip 2:
Resolve 3.99
2 Q-Tips 5.98
1 Viva Paper Towels 6.49
Total: 16.46
-Qtips 1.00
-Resolve 2.00
-Viva 1.00
-ECB 7.00
Total OOP:5.46

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meal plan

Meal planning is planning what you are going to serve for a certain amount of time, could be a week, could be a day, could be a month. You are organizing the ingredients and recipes. (taken from yahoo)

When doing our best financially we were meal planning and shopping accordingly. Today I made out my plan for dinners, picked a few lunch items, breakfast, and the weekly items till the end of September. I decided to go to the grocery store and shop for the next two weeks and do it as cheaply as possible. NOTHING goes on the cart that isn't on the list!

I wanted to get out of the store for under 150 hopefully 100. I spent 77 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saved 41 dollars and earned 4 back on my next purchase! I am thrilled. I'm about to plan out my coupons for the next 2 weeks! Thats right this is the exciting life of someone making all efforts to tighten her budget!

The runner

Ive ALWAYS wanted to be a RUNNER! I never could build up the stamina to run. Last night I was so angry and had to go for a walk to clear my head. I decided to try running as much as I could. I honestly did about half of my walk running the other half walking. I was shocked at my ability. I have been so bad with my exercising, eating great, spark people etc! I'm not gaining but I'm not losing either. I'm hoping with my new goal to be able to RUN my normal walk I will get the encouragement again!

Just a really cute note...Aubrey is sitting here with Trev's sneakers in her hands trying to put them on her feet. Shes such a doll!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

watch your mouth

I told Trev to watch his mouth today...Our convo went something like this....

Trev: I don't have to because......

Me: Trev watch your mouth

Trev: I cant watch my mouth

Me: WHY?!!!!!

Trev: Cause my eyes are up here(pointing to his eyes)

So the kid had a point...I had to hide my face so he couldn't see my obvious smirk!

The basement...part 1

We spent the past two weekends working on the basement...We are about half way done...

The first room will be our nice entertainment TV room. We will have Trev's smartcycle, video games, tv, DVD's etc. The only thing left in this room is fill the pic frames with pics, put the outlet and light switches in and Jeffs brother will carpet...Ignore all the boxes and crap on the floor...We are waiting for carpet and stuff to move all the boxes back into the playroom and storage room!

BEFORE: In the before pics notice all the patch holes...Yes those were all punch holes from the people that lived here before! Its so dark and dirty...Took a while to just clean and prep everything for paint.

The laundry room will have a door on it

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trevor's 1st day of pre-school

It was such a bittersweet day yesterday. I woke up and got myself ready thinking I would have to fight him to get up, get dressed, eat, brush his teeth etc. I woke him up and told him he needed to get up and get dressed for school and get his stuffed animal dressed...He got right up got ready, didn't really throw a fit about anything. Then I asked him to get his back pack on and get ready to go to school...
Can you see my 20 pound weight loss? I just see skinnier legs with a spare tire around my stomach!
We left and headed to school...Its about 10-15 mins away ...When you get there you park behind the car ahead of you in this HUGE circle. Shut your engine off and wait for the smiley face to go out to know schools open. He wanted to unroll his window like all the other kidsPhotobucket...I was started to get scared here..My stomach was turning and I was starting to cry a little but I didnt let him see it. The smiley face goes up and off he goes...Didnt even tell me bye.. Photobucket I cried the whole way home...Its so sad to know he is no longer in my full care...It also sucks that hes getting so old. I hate the fact hes not my little monkey anymore! I went to pick him up and waited for a few mins and then they formed a line and came out and the teachers dispersed the kids. He came running to me and wanted a HUG! So I did of course asked him how it was and he said he wanted to go home...his lip hurts(he picks it when hes nervous)...I put him in the car and asked him if he had fun and he said yea that he wanted to come back...The teacher said he did awesome! It took me all day but I got outta him that they sang songs in the morning and before they left, colored, cut, played in the kitchen, went potty, and washed their hands with green soap. He goes back Tuesday for a full day. I hope this gets easier for both him and myself.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hit the 20 pound mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I slacked off for Labor Day weekend and the week after Labor Day. So the following week(last week) I had to spend doing some recovery! I got back on track and finally hit the 20 pound mark today...Almost 21! Yay this gives me the boost I needed. Hopefully I hit the 25 pound mark by the end of this month the 30 pound mark by the end of Halloween. Its a little harded to avoid temptation with all the pies, candy, and crap around this time of year. But I am doing okay. I would never say no nothing at all bc I feel like it would lead to failure. I have a little this a little that and make sure that I walk the days I indulge!

Today is Trevor's first day of pre-school...just 1.5 hours today but he still is so excited. I think Aubrey and I will come back home and go for a nice long walk!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My first apple pie.....

It came out sooo good. I was impressed! It looked pretty good too.

Photobucket Image HostingPhotobucket Image Hosting

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Target and Michaels

I went to Target...I didn't want to but I had to! I hoped to get outta there for under 100. I spent 38.69!

Hefty Trash Bags were on sale for 6.50-1.00 coupon 5.50.
2 Pack Flash light kit for halloween 3.99
2 Febreeze Fabric Freshners 2/6-3.00 bogo coupon
Noticables 5.99-5.00 coupon .99 cents(SMELLS LIKE FALL!!!)
Durex Condoms 1.00-2.00 coupon 1.00 overage
5 Playroom toy crates 5 @ 2.99 14.95 -clearance 8.75
2 Halloween books from the dollar spot 2.00
Viva Paper Towels 2.99-clearance 1.25-1.00 coupon .25 cents
Halloween outdoor leaf ghosts for trees 1.99
Boudreaux diaper bag buttpaste .99-clearance.68
Ice pack 1.99-clearance 1.25
Electrosol 2.74 x2 5.48-4.50 in coupons .98

Not bad right?! I didnt need the condoms but they paid me...All the Halloween stuff is for the kids Halloween bags I always make them..those are the only things we didnt need.


I went to Michaels and bought a 4 pack of clear balls for home made ornaments, and a 4 pack of ceramic ornaments and paint for trev to make for our family. It came to around 6.50. Not bad for 8 stocking stuffers right?!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My baby boy

ISNT a baby anymore :( We shaved his head again this weekend to get ready for school. He looks so handsome...We were taking pics of his new hair cut.


weekend crafts

We made these cute little PAIN IN THE ASS to put together Halloween creatures for trev to decorate his room with. They came out okay considering Jeff and I were about to set them on fire. However it was a nice break from painting the basement which we did most the day Sunday.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Santas Village

Okay I looked up some deals on Santas Village. To stay one day at the park only and drive back home it would be 69 dollars, to have 2 day passes it would be 123 dollars. I found a hotel with a indoor gym and pool, nice location, gift bags for the kids, 2 queen beds, internet, phone usage etc for 225.90!! Basically 57 dollars a person for the weekend and I think it would be TONS of fun. If we could keep gas and food under 200 it would be a great weekend away for the kids.

Check your library...

We are cutting back on everything in order to make ends meet. I was researching our library and this is what I found!

Boston Children's Museum, Boston, MA Pass admits up to four people at reduced admission of $2 per person.
This museum pioneered the concept of interactive exhibitions! Climb through a two-story maze, go on a reading adventure with Arthur the aardvark, see colorful patterns in a bubble, or climb a rock wall!

Normally would be 10 for Jeff and I and 8 for Trev. So we would save 22!!!

Childrens' Museum of New Hampshire, Dover, NH
Formerly the Children's Museum of Portsmouth, this organization is in process of relocating to downtown Dover where, on July 23, 2008, they will re-open under the new name. Pass admits up to four people at reduced admission of $2 per person.
This museum's engaging exhibits (including new ones called Build It, Fly It and Dino Detective) encourage a child's natural curiosity and sense of wonder.

Normally would be 21 for all of us so a savings of 15!

New England Aquarium, Boston, MA
The Aquarium passes are available from September 4, 2008 through June 30, 2009. Pass admits up to 4 people at reduced admission of $8 per person.
Boston's most popular attraction! The Aquarium features a wide variety of aquatic animal life in exhibits that focus on education and conservation. Library pass is not available during the Aquarium's busy summer months.

Normally would be 51.85 for all of us so a savings of 27.85!!!!

SEE Science Center, Manchester, NH
Pass admits up to four people for free.
The fun and exciting science discovery center has more than 70 hand-on exhibits geared for ages 1 year and older.

Helpful hint: Consider visiting both the SEE Science Center and the Millyard Museum as they are located in the same building.

It would normally be 18 so a savings of 18 dollars!!!

Now I just need to find discounts for Santa's Village, Storyland and Edaville!

Fisher Price Playdate

I was going to have my friends and family with babies and toddlers come over today for the party. However I decided to reschedule for tomorrow. The weather here sucks really bad today with Hannah coming our way. My house is so clean. Between Aubrey's party and this little get together its been spot less for a few weeks now :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


We have come into some really hard times financially. It really sucks. However this weeks pay check was about 250 lower then it should have been. I was freakin out on how we were going to buy groceries!!! After she rang in all my groceries the total was around 122. I was panicking thinking how in the hell are we going to pay bills. I handed her my Shaws card and all my coupons and began trying to get the kids outta the kiddie cart into the regular one. I came back to see my total 61.09. Talk about a sign of relief!! The lady was clapping for me lol. It was a LONG grocery trip with my coupon book right next to me but it was well worth it!

Some of the good deals!

Organic Milks 1.99 reg 4.99

English Muffins .75 reg around 2-3 ish

Grapes .88 cents a lb normally 1.99 a pound

Bacon 1.49 reg 3.49 a pack

Ball park franks were bogo reg 2.89 each I also had a 1.00 coupon off 2 making them .90 cents each!

Ball Park Singles were bogo reg 2.89 and I had 2 1.50 off coupons making it them paying me .11 cents to take them outta their hands for them!

Nestle water bottles(18pack) 3.88 reg 4.99 plus I had 1 dollar off coupons making them 2.88

Gatorade 8pks 5.00 reg 6.49 buy 4 and get 5 dollars off came to around 3.75 a pack!

Betty Crocker Brownie mix 1.00 reg 1.79 each I also had 1/2 coupons making them .50 cents each!

Chewy Granola Bars 2.00 reg 3.19 also buy 5 and get 3.00 off manu coupons out there for 1/2. I bought 4 and use 2 manu and one shaws coupon making them 1.00 each!

Ronzoni Smart pasta was 1.00 use the 1.00 coupons making them FREE

Motts Apple Juice 2.00 reg 2.39 use the 1/2 coupons making them 1.50 each

Also check for meat markdowns!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Apple picking...

We went Apple picking on Tuesday! It was so much fun. I have never been. It was great to because it was DEAD there because it was a school day. We got to let the kids run around and take our time. Now I just need a good apple pie recipe! Jeff's begging me to bake one.


Fisher Price holy crap!!

We went apple picking Tuesday and came home to these two HUGE boxes. They were so heavy. Thank god Jeff was home. I unpacked them all. Now I need to open all the boxes and assemble them before the play date this weekend. I have a feeling its going to be a LONG night. Aubrey loves the table. Its in the box in the living room and shes been crawling over to it and pressing the buttons and lifting up all the stuff. I don't normally buy the cheapo Walmart, Target brand toys. I stick to Step 2, FP, Little Tykes etc. I am so stoked to get all these toys outta the box and let the kids play with them.


Weekly deals...

This blog started out to be only about my deals! I have been slacking latley. However here are my deals I finally got around to the past few days.

Rite Aid

Scarecrow 4.99 org 9.99
Car for Trev 4.99
Crest Pro-Health toothpaste 2.49
Pantene Expressions shampoo 4.99

Total: 17.46
-Crest 1.00
-Pantene 2.00
-Crest SCR 1.74
-Pantene SCR 1.00
-Pantene in ad -1.99

Total 9.73


Wetslicks 5.99
Wetslicks bogo 1/2 2.99
Eye liner 5.49
Eye Liner bogo 1/2 2.74
Pantene Curls stuff 7.99
Pantene Expressions 4.50
Febreeze Spray 3.99
Febreeze Spray 3.99
Notciables 5.99
Noticeable 5.99
Water 2.99

-bogo lip slicks
-2 5 dollar noticables
-one bogo febreeze should have been 3.99 but the lady took off 6.99 from what I can tell from my receipt
-2 1.00 cg products
- 2.00 Pantene Products
-5.99 ECB
-7.99 Pantene Styler
-2.00 ecb

I just looked at my receipts and this chick fucked up royally. I called CVS and she said not to worry about it and they are sending me a gift card for being so honest. I dont want her to get into trouble and I guess she wont just makes me nervous.

Anyways between the two transactions I spent 14.68 and saved 54.50

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aubreys 1st birthday!

Aubrey had a BLAST at her party. She actually got a nap in. By time everyone started arriving she was waking up. We spent the day outside and had great weather. Well it didn't rain! We stayed outside for eating, and socializing. We moved inside to open all of her gifts! She got a few fall outfits, jammies, money, gift cards and TONS of toys! She is spoiled rotten. We went back outside for cake where she had 2 yes I wrote TWO cupcakes. We cleaned her up and let everyone do the pinata while she was eating her cake...Most people left after that except for our close friends and we all stayed and drank and the boys fired off some guns that they have while the kids played and the women talk and drank! I've of course added some pics.

We painted her piggies!




Kids playing outside


Opening gifts!