Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The babies well visit

She is now 20.1 pounds(25th percentile), 31 inches tall(50th percentile) I forget her head but its in the 95th...Doc isn't worried about her not walking yet bc she is so close. She is talking up a storm which she said is advanced YAY!! She said she looks nice and healthy just use more lotion on her bc she is getting dry. She had 4 shots today :( Two nurses each took two shots to their thigh! Poor kid they are def on her shit list.



Birthday parties at school :) Aren't I such a good mother. My hands look like I killed a smurf but whatever!!

I must say that Wilton cupcake holder is AWESOME!!!!! I love it. I would make pretty cupcakes just to display them :)


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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread 08

We did our annual house...Jeff slept as I believe he did last year. WHATEVER! It came out pretty cute. We did it after dinner so don't mind the kids messy meatball faces! Aubrey and I were playing with bubble gum after thought the pics were cute.


I'm not ready for this

So Aubrey now climbs the stairs on a daily basis! She refuses to walk. She will walk to and from furniture, climb upstairs, on top of boxes you name it. BUT SHE JUST WONT WALK! Shes so funny though. She climbs to the top and claps :) Stairs are done I suppose I should take a pic of them!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The New Year

Things are changing around here. I have become VERY good at finding VERY good deals! I just went through my inventory and looked to see what I have and who I have to give to. For birthdays we have 17 out of 29 birthday and Christmas done! That is for 2009!!!!! We have 6 people we give cash to so that is 23 out of 29 events DONE we only need to shop for 6! We have set a budget of 500! Lets see how far I can make this money stretch! I have a year to make sure I get the best deal possible!!!

I plan on hitting up the Target January Clearance and the August Clearance. I want all of my Christmas tags, paper, tissue and bags all to be bought for next year. My budget for that is 25.00 I want at least 6 tubes of wrapping paper, a few bags in extra large, medium and small, 3 packets of tissue paper, 2-3 packages of boxes. I also want to fill up on stocking stuffers this time as well. I will wait till it is 75% off before I buy!

As for my kids..I also will hit it big for their Christmas and birthdays....I plan on grabbing Aubrey a couple babies and accessories, a dress up set, some dora, and little people. Trevor I will grab some legos, magnatix. I will of course look for some games and things of that sort. I cant buy everything for them bc I don't know what they will be into. However I can get a good start. I will buy everything I HAVE to have at 50 percent off. When it goes to 75 if it is still there I will buy again and return the 50 percent off toy! My budget for Target is 200! I am hoping I can get rid of the toys I dont want or need in Craigslist in the next few months.

I already have a good amount of stuff for be spread out for Valentines Day, Easter, Birthdays and Christmas!

Rose Petal Cottage
Rose Petal Dining Room set
Rose Petal tea set
Rose Petal Birthday celebration
My little pony scoot a loo
My little pony crawling pinkie
Baby Alive Learns to Potty
Dora Blocks
Build a Bear gift cards
4 Dora dolls
Dora Train set

Halo Plasma Pistol Game
Mega Bloks T-Rex
Star Wars Plug and Play game
Diego Blocks
Handy Manny gift set
Build a bear gift cards

I am setting a limit for the kids, and Jeff and I for the year of 600 dollars.

This means I need to set aside 22 dollars a week for Christmas. When I see a good deal I will get it. I hope I can come in below that but it will be one of my challenges for the year!!

Shopping from home....I'm trying to dwindle down our stockpile. We don't eat tons of cereal and we have TONS of it so I am trying to eat that all up, we used up tons of cake mix and frostings for Trevor's party. I'm trying to get our stockpile a little smaller and more store able so that we can just live off of it. I think if I could spend less then 50 a week at the store I would be happy! I also want to spend no more then 20 dollars at CVS, Wags and Rite Aid. We shouldn't need anymore then 20 a week for household stuff.


I stole these from my friend Kim who went with us......


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trevor's 4th birthday party!

A TON of people couldn't make it. We had about less then 30 show. It was so much fun. It was very low-key...TONS of food and it was all gone...Everyone drank, played with all the new toys, had a blast! It was by far his best party. He had his friends from school over and loved every second of them being there. He was covered in Stamps by the end of the day. He recieved a ton of gifts as well...A Tag system, super hero pack, Batman remote control car, pirate puzzle, pirate color wonder stuff, pirate book, iron man dress up, play-doh ice cream kit, play-doh 50 piece set, guess who game, 2 gator golfs, a power ranger car, handy manny tool set, frosty the snow man, geo trax moutain and expansion set, Martian matter set, Hulk Transformer, Cars Puzzle kit,


Santa's Party at Charmingfare Farm

It was pretty cool. I would DEF recommends Edaville in Carver, MA over it but you live and learn. You arrive there, check in and can check out some animals. They have roosters, lamb, sheep, pigs, turkeys, etc. Then you ride a horse drawn carriage thing to Santa's Party. When you get there you can buy overpriced Burgers and hot dogs. You get free cookies and Chocolate Milk from Mrs. Claus. Santa is there along with the Grinch and other fairy tale creatures. Then you get in a tractor go and feed Santa's Reindeer and check out more animals...Cougar or Mountain Lion, Wolf, Bears, Camel etc. It was pretty fun. Trev wasn't as excited as he was at Edaville. He did love the Animals. He just wasn't into all the stuffed creatures! The line wasn't to bad waiting to get into the ride itself. It was so cold. However it was beautiful. It snowed the whole time. The horses were HUGE! Trev was so fascinated by them. He could have cared less at the Party and thought Santa looked different then at the mall! He loved feeding the Reindeer and seeing all the animals. They both passed out on the way home.

Pics of course!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jack the Elf


PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketLook who found the popcorn!

Just a nice pic of the tree!Photobucket