Sunday, June 29, 2008


Get 50 free prints and a photo collage for free for being a new customer.

My weekly deals...

Rite Aid

Giovanni Shampoo 5.99
Oxy Face Wash 6.99(one dollar off peelie attached)
SoftSoap Body wash 2.99 (one dollar coupon from todays paper)

Total: 13.97
I will get a 5.99 SCR, 6.99 SCR and a 1 dollar SCR Basically I earned a penny :)

3 A&W 8.00
1 Edys 3.00
-Edys promotion
-3.00 for target coupons

Total 5 dollars!!

Cottonelle 4.99(-1.00 manu coupon)
Triaminic was 75 percent off about 1.75 a piece I think
2 24 packs of water 2.99 each- 1.00 CRT

Total was around 13.00 I used to ECB's still not bad for 48 bottles of water, a big pack of TP and 3 things of medicine that we seem to go through like water around here!!

3 Paper 80 packs of paper plates .99 cents each
3 Plastic 20 count cups .99 cents each
1 hersheys bar
2 colgate tooth paste
4 scotch tape
3 packs of size 4 diapers
2 mr clean shower cleaner refills
1 dawn dish detergent

Total was 60 before all the savings I walked out spending 20 and got 5 back and will get a check for 2.99 so basically 12 bucks

The kicker was Jeff went with me. He was pretty tolerable considering how early it was. He also was making jokes how we were the only ones there that early besides 90 year olds :)

I also went grocery shopping yesterday and saved 77 dollars with all my coupons! MY mom was proud and normally she thinks Im retarded for saving and stockpiling like I do. But it saves us so much money. Now we are all set I think for our July 4th cook out!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

RUN to Target on Sunday

A&W and Sunkist are 3 for 8. When you buy 3 you get a free edys ice cream. Use the 1 dollar off coupons from Targets website and you pay 5 dollars for all of that. Make Root Beer floats

More good deals this week

I went to the mall in search of cheap toys for Aubrey, cold weather clothes for aubrey, and jeans underwear and socks for trev. All the coupons I found just by doing a online google search.

Gymbo still having the Red Balloon sale. I bought 2 shirts and a pair of socks for Aubrey for 7.xx and retailed 29.50

Childrens Place- I had to buy 2 pairs of jeans, a 3 pack of undies, and a onesie for Aubrey and it cost me 25.58 oop retailed 44.50. I used the 20 percent off coupon.

Victoria Secret is still having their semi-annual sale. I just purchase a pair of underwear that reatailed for 7.50 and I paid 0 oop. I used the free panty coupon.

KB Toys- They are having a huge clearance event not any toys I like or would buy my kids. I did get a MP3 player for Trev by Fisher Price and a barney toy for Aubrey. Retail was 52.96 and I paid 23.24 oop

Disney Store- I hit the motherload!!

Swim shorts for trev
2 10 packs of underwear for Trev
1 winter scarf for Trev
3 pack of socks
mickey mouse phone
big power ranger
power ranger set of 7 figures
remote control car
disney princess ballroom set
disney princess tea set.

Retail 156.50 It was all marked one price but you recieve 40 percent off THAT clearance price. I paid 52 oop. For all that stuff not bad at all.

Bath and Body works- Semi annual sale

2 house sprays and a anti bacterial hand gel retail was 14 I paid 5! They have a coupon out for a free antibacterial hand gel with a purchase

Wags has 5/20 coupon valid today only. Its a pain in the ass. Your total AFTER all coupons has to be over 20. But its still saving money. I plan on going tonight and getting in on the deal.

Shaws- back to earning gas discounts and a good week overall. I plan on going tonight.

MOMMMMM come here

So I go into the dining room to find this.....

Mommy I'm a dog just like Max.

It was hilarious...

Poor Max we took him to Petsmart this morning and he was being all tough barking at other dogs, giving them the stare down, pushing his chest out. Then we get home and he crawls up into my lap and naps. He missed the memo hes not a lap dog.

I took him out for a walk and went into the one area of the front yard we have yet to clean out and what do I almost fucking walk on a snake. This is the FOURTH snake. I hate them. I have the heeby geebies, keep looking all around, I feel like they are on me. So Jeff is cleaning the yard this weekend if Im going to have to keep walking a dog. Poor Max I screamed and ran and dragged him with me. Poor baby he cried then he was right next to me before I knew it.

My princess eating breakfast this morning. Photobucket

Shes so happy. She claps now ALL the time anytime you say YEAHHHHHH so today I was nursing her and on tv someone said yeahhhhhhh so she starts clapping and laughing. A nursing baby laughing is to cute.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's a BOY

We have a new baby boy. He will be 3 months old on Sunday. Hes very cute. He will take a lot of our time and love but I think he will fit in well to our family. Yet again I'm outnumbered by boys.Photobucket

My sweet Trevor

After watching the Neil Entwistle sentencing all morning I wanted to hug my babies tight. I always tell Jeff if you want our LET ME KNOW! Please do not become one of these cowards and kill me. Its just not worth it to live your life in jail and my kids be without their mother. Trevor kept telling me he loved me all morning...Well he says he "wuvs" me....He also has his first crush on Rachael Ray! Its so cute. We watch her show every morning if we are home, watch 30 min meals at night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Freebies this week! has weekly specials including a USB adapter, bluetooth thing, earphones, and walkie talkies. They are all on sale this week for 10 dollars. Use google check out and get it for FREE. Make sure you change the shipping to free. I bought 2 walkie talkies for Jeff and I.

Rite Aid has tooth paste free after SCR this week

CVS has a decent deal on Paper towels, batteries and toilet paper if you have coupons and a CVS printable.

Toys R Us had a free Thomas the train coupon out and we bought I think 12. It was one per guest and we all would go in and use one coupon each. Not bad since those things are normally 10-12 bucks a piece :)

Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been up and down since I had Aubrey...I have been on and off of many meds but nothing is working. Ive been spending over budget, not taking care of myself, school is slacking! This week my goal is to start taking care of myself, get back on a diet and lose all this weight. I'm limiting myself to one soda a day. I also need to look at our budget and re-evaluate. No more coffees or fast food anymore. We can eat out once I only say this because I promised Trev Chuck E cheese.

On a funny note we are in Target the other day and Trev asked me if I had a boyfriend.

Hes also asked me if daddy was my best friend because he is Trevor's best friend and he cant be both of our best friends so I need to find a new one.

In the car we were listening to I kissed a girl by Katy Perry which I LURVE I know mother of the year letting her kid listen to that stuff but I think I would drive my car off the road if I had to listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Anyways trev said mommy your a gurl right. I said yes...Well I kiss you and I like it. I spit out some coffee to say the least.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I need a good cry...

I have so much going on in life right now it seems there is never enough time in the day. Between the kids, the house, school, and our families I dont ever have time to myself. I am very much in need of some ME time....

We bought this house and I love it now. Its great...However it still needs so much work. Jeff promises me once the closet doors are in, touch ups on the paint up stairs, and all the baseboards he will relax. However I know that wont be the case. To be honest I want the house to look great to. But I also cant be a single mom for much longer!

Since May 1st Ive completely taken over kids baths, cooking dinner, cleaning up daily, laundry for everyone, grocery shopping etc. The list goes on and on. He used to help me so much. I was never greatfull for everything he helped me with. On top of it all I have my school work, dr. appointments etc.

Money is getting tight. After putting 10k into this house money is tight. We need to get our savings back up and doing well like we were before we purchased the house. We aren't struggling don't get me wrong but we aren't as secure as i would like to be.

School is so tough! Its a lot more work at this school and requires a lot more time and attention from me. I just don't have that time and attention to devote to it right now. I also don't have the money to cancel my classes and pay for them so I am stuck!

What happened to my sweet little boy who was always so well behaved in stores, and listed. Hes now a smart mouth fresh little brat who talks back, screams at me, throws fits, throws himself on the ground etc. Its so hard not to just throw myself on the ground and have a good cry with him when he throws these tantrums but I have to be strong and not give in. He is signed up for pre-school Im debating letting him go I dont want him to act like this in pre-school.

There is plenty more to vent about but im just so tired and both kids are sleeping so I may rest my eyes a little

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Funny kids....

Trev is sitting at the table having ice cream with jimmies because he ate all his dinner, was good today, and why not?!

Trev: Daddy I have my very own ice cream

Jeff: O yea good job eating all your dinner

Trev: Yea I eat my ALL my dinner and got hawk ceam with sparkles on it



Today we were driving home from picking up my brother from work...(he works at starbucks) My brother got him a milk and cookie(yes its been a junk food filled day!)

Mommy can Aubrey have some cookie?

Me: No Trev she shouldnt have stuff like that!

O well she took it already and its in shes mof

Me: Is she eating it?

She wants more I shank

Monday, June 16, 2008


As The Nester says...."It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". She is having a day where everyone posts what is imperfect yet beautiful in their lives....Check out her blog its really great. I check daily!

As for IDHTBPTBB....My life isn't perfect by any means...However I am 24, the proud owner of an associates degree,a mother and wife to my kids and husband, and a recent first time home owner. I LOVE my home...Its not perfect and doesn't look like the beautiful 500k house I wish I could live in. But it is MINE! It gives my two beautiful babies a place to run around outside. It gives me a weekend to sit outside and watch trev run through the sprinkler, I can mow the lawn, Jeff can work on the house to make it the home I want!

Here is our dining room....I love our place mats and napkins...However the truth in life is these two colorful place mats are at our table for our monkeys to eat off of...Photobucket

Then the living room...I stopped folding laundry to nurse Aubrey and put her down for her morning nap...Its not always clean and perfect there is clothes and toys on the floor...But I love having toys to trip over reminds me I am a mother and I am able to give them a lot of things I never ever had.

We also have yet to finish all the baseboards and any of the crown molding...But we are getting there...What is up has wood filler on it and still needs to be sanded and painted...But whatever its ours and we have the pride of sweat equity!PhotobucketPhotobucket

No its not perfect but it is mine...Yes that is probably the 10th time I said that but I am so proud to be a homeowner....These guys make it all worth it!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

A sink full of dishes...I have yet to doPhotobucket I wish I could say I get up every morning and clean and do all my motherly duties but I don't...I enjoy the time when my kids are both very happy and I have energy to play all morning!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is what 6.20 gets you.....


My stockpile all nice and neat

It took us a long time but its nice and neat. There is so much the pics you cant see much but its here


Saturday, June 14, 2008

For 2.96 you can buy

I went to CVS today!

2 packs of Bandaids
3 Dove body washes
3 Candy Necklaces
1 package of swedish fish
1 Dove Shampoo
1 Dove Conditoner
1 Smart Rinse kids mouth wash
1 dove deodorant
I spent 2.96 oop and 8.98 in EBCS I earned 10.75 back!! Great CVS day

Friday, June 13, 2008

My dear April

April and I used to work together at the bank. We both were pretty good at what we did! However together we were kick ass! We are both extremely dramatic. Shes very loud and I'm more reserved. But we were the most hysterical duo to watch. She would slam shit around in her office huffing and puffing and I would make fun of her or vice versa. Normally we were both bitch faces at the same time so there was hell to pay. Anyways....we are both bad friends...always blow each other off, never show up to shit, etc. But we have the funniest conversations... When Im not tired and lazy I will post the convo. She would just be happy she got a whole blog entry to herself. Off to watch Friends our fav show...We are both fanatics

Dear Cyndi

Dear Cyndi,

Sorry but 1980's called and they want you back. You aren't in your 20's anymore! Stop dry humping the stage. You also cant sing to well. Bless you for trying!

Thanks bye


P.S. Yes I am snarky today. I was woken up by tiny little feet kicking me a million times this morning!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rite Aid, Target and Shaws


Pampers Wipes 5.49
Pampers Diapers 9.99
Total: 15.48
-5 dollar Target coupon
-2 dollar Pampers manu coupon
Total 8.48 NOT BAD!

Rite Aid

Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scubber starter kit 3.99- 1.00 scr-1.00 coupon= 1.99(cheap enough for me to try I guess)

lysol products 2.49-in ad coupon.50-.50 manu coupon= 1.49 a decent deal I think

Diapermate disposable diaper bags FREE after 2.49 scr

Herbal Essence FREE after 2.99 scr

Organix Shampoo and Conditoner 5.49 FREE after SCR


FREE Chex Mix 1.00 printable on

Tropicana OJ will get you a free box of granola bars

Buy 5 boxes of GM cereal and get a free gallon of milk. They are 2.00 each. I plan on buying 6 for a total of 6.00 after coupons for a gallon of milk and cereal cant beat that.
The spongebob theme song came on Nickelodean.

Trev: You HATE Spongebob right?

Me: Yes

Trev: I HATE him too!

Me: Is that why you are watching him right now?

Trev: YEA I HATE him but don't turn it off

Me: That would mean you like it you don't hate it.

Trev: YEA I like it its my show.

Me: Stop thinking of ways to say HATE

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I got a sunburn

Okay so if you know me you know I'm deathly afraid of the sun bc I don't want my kids or myself to get cancer. I try to limit the kids sun exposure. We go out daily and try to stick in the shade. The second anyone looks pink we come inside for the day. I do use sunscreen on them DAILY. Well we were out about 20 mins this morning. Then I went out for less then a hour while the kids were napping. I was trying on my new dress from Kohl's and noticed how pink I am WTF. Just on my shoulders. O well taking a day off tomorrow I guess.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 little monkeys...

I don't know why I don't learn but daily I send Trevor to Aubrey's room to check on her and see if she fell asleep. She normally cries for a few minutes then she passes out! This has now happened twice:


So I walk into her room

SEE shes not cwyeng I gaved her toys

TREVOR she needs to be going to sleep

She doesn't want to sweep she wants me to play wif her

This is the oh shit I was caught face!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Target, Shaws, and CVS


claritin 6.99
Dove Shampoo 4.99
Dove Conditoner 4.99

Total: 16.97
I paid .98 cents after coupons!!!!!!!

3 Pasta Sauce
2 Hot Dogs

Total 10.55
I paid 3.xx

3 Dr Peppers 4.99 14.97
2 Pampers Jumbo Packs 9.99 19.98
2 Pampers Clean and Go wipes 5.99 11.98
Poptarts 1.99
Bandaids 1.79
Total: 50.71
I paid 26.04


I am really pissed my CVS got a coupon machine and I scanned my card and it told me nothing was available for me!!!!

Our kitchen a work in progress

We still need to paint above the cabinets in green. Lay our tile back splash, put knobs on, put the sink in and finish our floors. But just already it looks amazing.

kitchen beforekitchen before

My deals of the week...


.49 cent pasta
.99 cent pasta sauce
Jennie O Fresh ground Turkey bogo plus one dollar shaws printable I want to say it will be 2.49 for 2 pounds of ground turkey
bar s hot dogs for .79 cents with a printable at .25 cent and doubled making them 29 cents a pack
powerade .79 cents with 1 dollar off coupon makes for overage!
Organic cut carrots 1.50 with 1 dollar coupon makes them .50 cents

Cross Action toothbrush FREE after ECBS
Dove Shampoo BOGO and I have 4 dollars off making it .99 cents for two bottles

Aluminum Foil

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What are DOSE?

I have never wanted to laugh so hard this weekend at Trevor. I also realized how BADLY he needs preschool. He doesn't listen. Cant play with other kids. He just needs other interaction with kids. September cannot come fast enough.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Im useless!!

This was my game plan for today:

Strawberry picking with my mom
Pick out glasses for her
Birthday Party for a chick in my weddings sister's kids
Meet with the siding contractor
Help Jeff get the bottom cabinets in!

This is what got done today:

Siding contractor
Jeff got the bottom cabinets in and the ceiling primed
Picked out my moms glasses

Now I'm pretty pissed because I wanted to make it a fun day for the kiddos. I wanted to get them to the farm and let them see the animals and pick berries and have ice cream. Then we were going to go to the Birthday party which Trev ALWAYS loves! He would have also gotten to see his Jessica. He asks about her about 3-5 times a week. I feel like such a asshole. Its like this house has taken over our lives completely.
The kitchen will be finished with cabinets tomorrow and the counter on Monday. Then Jeff has trim work and doors. That he can do in a day or a few nights. Then we are going to relax a little and just do stuff on the weekends.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cheap groceries!!!!

Today I bought:

4 pounds of bananas
1.37 pounds of grapes

1 8 pack of gatorades

6 packs of Spaghetti
5 jars of spaghetti sauce
5 Pizza for one
3 tubs of Edys Ice cream
1 California Kitchen Pizza
7 Yo plait yogurts
1 Gerber Cheese things
9 packs of Bar S Hot Dogs
1 pack of Shaws Hamburger Buns
1/2 gallon of Milk

Total: 98.27
oop: 43.89

That will provide 2.5 months worth of lunch for trev(yes he has a hot dog daily for lunch Call CPS), A week of lunch for Jeff, 10-15 dinners, Breakfast for me for 2 weeks, Snacks for Aubrey!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dear Emeril

Your such a douche bag. You think your the cats meow! I personally think your that piss that grounds in with the litter and sticks to the litter box while your trying to clean it. Thats all for now. I'm sorry if you like him. But I off-e-z-ele(as trev says obviously) cant stand you.


Aubrey is good!

Aubrey had her 9 month checkup. She is in the 50th percentile for her weight at 18.6 pounds. She is in the 75th for her height at 28 inches. She was 90th for her head. What can I said my kids have big noggins. My doc said she looks very well and shes very strong! We are going to focus on getting her nice and full all day long so the nursing all night stops. We also want to get her on a sippy cup of some sort so I can stop breastfeeding as soon as possible. I really love the bond it made with us. However it made her hate the world, I'm constantly attached to her, I just don't like it. Its WAYYYY to constricting. The free part still attracts the bargain hunter in me :)

Im getting my mirena in 1.5 weeks. YAY!!! I am so afraid of the pain and bleeding but whatever well worth it!

I also went to Target and got skittles, m&m's, 2 razors, 4 refills, 2 shaving gels, 2 travel bags and 2 sample body washes for 2.00 from Target cant beat that for Venus Razors

I went to Gymbo my total was 154 after it was all 40 percent or more off. Then a coupon and gift card later I spent 40 bucks!!

I also went to Yankee and I got 68 dollars worth of candles for 30!! YAY

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hes full of them today

Trev: I want to go get ice cream do you want to?

Me: No Trev its to early and that was a special thing we did last night as a family.

Trev: Well I want a ice cream. im going to drive there.

He walked towards the door

Trev: Im just joking....GABBA IS ON BYYYYEEEEE

Chocolate Chip Puppy and talking to much

I cant beleive Ive never told this story on here. One day we were at Petco and there was a light brown female lab. She had very dark nipples and they were clear as day on her chest.

Trev: Mommy can we get a puppy?

Me: Sure once we buy a house and get a fence up and stuff.

Trev: I'm so excited I want a puppy like that one.

Me: Well Daddy wants a different kind we are going to get a German shepherd puppy.

Trev: NO I want a Chocolate Chip puppy!!!!

Think about it chocolate chips ;)

We have to explain this story to everyone we see with a dog when he checks em out and tries to see if they have choc chips or not.

Last night we were at Lowes which the chick noticed us and said you guys love this place huh. I just commeneted on how sad it was that we were there all the time.

Anyways back to the story...I walked down the aisle a little bit and Trev and Aubrey were still in the cart.


I reply what Trevor?

Are you running away?

Yes Trevor


Because Trevor

Are you running away because I talk to much?

CLASSIC I have never laughed to hard

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CVS and Target trip

So we went to CEX today as Trev calls it. By the third CEX he wasn't impressed. Aubrey took the smelliest crap Ive ever had to smell in my life. I think it was her way of protesting. We also hit up Target. I spent 28.60 18.60 more then I budgeted for. On my defense 11.29 of that was a script that Trevor's insurance didn't cover. Turns our fluoride isn't important for 3 year olds. FUCKERS. So technically I overspent by 7.31. Well thats my story. My total should have been 146.53 savings of 117.93!! A savings of 80 percent!!!



Here are some before...during...after pics. We have some doors in...Still need trim, baseboards etc. Its probably so repetitive by now.
hallwaybeforehall way duringThe hallway

Who is my stalker?

I have a thing that tells me where people are from that are viewing my page...I have people coming from all over the U.S. and even Germany! Who are you? Leave a comment!

You chin is falling off

I think for the first time in about a month Jeff hung out with the kids. Jeff was on the floor laying on his stomach and Trev was laying on him demanding a ride. Aubrey had those balls from the Fisher Price gum ball machine and she was whacking him in the face. Jeff must have had a loose hair on his goatee.

"OH NO DAJAE you chin is falling off" It was cute.

Im off to major CVS today I plan on keeping my total under 10 dollars if I can since i dont have many ECB's

Monday, June 2, 2008

they are good

Me: Trev I painted my toes for you last night?

Trev: You painted them?! FOR ME?!

Me: yup see

Trev: umMMMMMMM they good good ribbit ribbit(and hopping) I'm a frog!

He didnt even care...Good thing I NEEDED a pedicure badly or I would be pissed!

I suppose I should get off my ass and finish cleaning, maybe get some more decorations hung, door knobs on the doors, and do some laundry. Its going to be nice out today so I'm hoping we can get outside for a few hours before the kids start turning pink.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I painted my toes!

The other day as I stood in line with a baby on my hip and Trev doing cartwheels next to me he suddenly stopped...

me: Trev whats wrong?

Trev: I dont like your toes!

me: well Im sorry how come...

Trev: I just DONT LIKE DEM

me: Okay well Im sorry about that

Trev: (walking away from me down the line of people behind me) I like shes toes..Shes toes are PINK!

So today I went to Target and let him pick out my pink nail polish. Its so not me but hey my kid loves when I have pretty nails!

Whos the boss?!