Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our living room....

We originally were going to just paint over the woodpaneling, scrape the ceiling and replace floors. It turned into removing the wood paneling after it buckled, scraping and painting ceilings, changed the front door and locks, changed the floor, windows are ordered as is the closet door. We also have yet to put up the trim, baseboards and crown molding.

living room before


Then painted wood paneling:

living room woodpaneling

Then removed:

living room waiting for plaster






We still need the trim, doors, baseboards, etc but its getting there.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rookie Mistake

We gotta do it. We have to get back on track. I am about to become even cheaper. I’m currently re-reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover again as a refresher. I am also reading Suze Orman’s Young Fabulous and Broke and Americas Cheapest Family. I told Jeff the house is in good condition now. We can only buy things that we need…that means food(only if it is on sale and hopefully I can mix a coupon in there with it). We have plenty of laundry detergent, household cleaners, and toiletries. I will only buy these if I can get them for free! As for the house we still need trim, some doors, etc. We will only buy what we NEED for the house. We cant even really go to cheap trips like the zoo, beaches, visiting family etc since it is so expensive to drive anywhere anymore! Its going to be hard to get back used to this lifestyle but this is what got us this house. I LOVE Mcdonalds Sweet Tea and its only a dollar so I have caught myself this past month going a lot to grab a 1 dollar sweet tea only because it’s a dollar. I had to re-train myself to think buy a tea maker, and some tea and it will pay for itself within a month. Aubrey also has a TON of clothes. I’m going to Gymbo to exchange some stuff for things she can wear in the winter or fall at least. Then our clothing budget will be down to 200 for the rest of the year. That’s mainly for Christmas, Jeff, and everyone having new shoes. Its going to be hard but it will be well worth it. The debt we just racked up was all for the house which is totally okay in both Jeff and I’s minds but it still needs to be gone asap!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

trev wants to go home...

its really sad. He keeps asking to go home. hes pouting about it too. Im so tired and i have a feeling its going to be a very long night!

we have carpet in our room now we will be aubrey free in our room tonight. Hopefully this will make her not wake up a million times during the night.

Home Sweet home

well we spent our first night in the house last night! It was strange not waking up to ignorance...when i say that i mean people right outside your window at 5 a.m. honking 37 times. There is also the 2, 3 and 4 a.m. drop offs with roarin exhaust and loud bass packed music.

Anyways the house is still a mess...I will take my time getting it nice and homey.....Im thinking of going more green in our lives...I dont think we are extremly wasteful but we arent doing the world the best things we should.

Basically we are in...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So I waited till the last minute so not like me normally but very much me lately. I called com cast and said I needed to change my service. Well BUM BUM BUM I wont have internet or tv from Monday-Saturday. A WHOLE week. WTF am I going to do. Tuesday I will have to go to my brothers house and use his internet bc I have to start school. But other then that Im going to go nuts. The tv thing doesn't bother me. I dont watch much tv. The kids have plenty of movies and I can watch the same DVD of Friends over and over again. But the internet we may have a major issue. O well maybe I wont be a total slacker and get the house nice and organized and clean!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I LURVE me some lights...

I dont know why I like these so much but they complete the looks. Its so cute. Its all coming together.

Kitchen lights:

Kitchen lights and plastered wall

Dining room light(its a little higher now):

The dining room light

O and then this clown painting walls:

Trevor painting.

We actually got along for 3 hours!

My mom came and sat with the kids so I could run to the house with Jeff and get some stuff done. We were able to prime our whole room and paint two of the 4 walls because Jeff put so much freakin primer on his walls. He also was able to paint the ceiling. He also painted the bathroom ceiling. I am pretty sure he was painting the kitchen ceiling also. He just called me pissing and moaning so either I will have my dining room light hung or it will be smashed into a million pieces. I told him he could get something he wanted if I got my lights hung so we shall see what happens. Yes I bribe my husband with sexual favors! But whatever it makes the man do as I need him to do. My brother and I are going there tomorrow to get the bedroom finished and Jeffs brother is putting in all the wood floors...YAY

Its official we are moving this weekend.

Jeff is taking off Tuesday to have a four day weekend. Our plans are tonight get the master primed and painted. I also have to finish the rest of the ceiling. As long as we get it done tonight then we can call Jeff's bro and see if he can carpet it sometime this week. We have to wait till about Thursday to start painting the plaster. My plan is to go in on Thursday and get the bathroom painted so Jeff can start installing the toilet, vanity and sink when he gets outta work. Friday my mom is off so I plan on being at the house ALL DAY and getting the hallway and kitchen painted if I haven't done so already! Also I'm hoping that the living room will be sanded and I can get that painted also by then. IM PRAYING that we have all the painting done by Friday. Then we can start the wood floors and hopefully Jeff's bro can help us. I can lay the peel and stick in the bathroom. MOnday we are renting a truck and moving all our shit in. It may be downstairs for a bit if we don't have the wood flooring down. However the bedrooms will all be all set so at least we have those to be in.


Yes that is what is cost me to put gas in my new lawn mower and gas for the leaf blower. I know I don't HAVE to cut my lawn but a. I will not have my bug problem any worse then it is. I'm all for being green but my kids getting some mosquito carrying disease is not worth it. B) Im trying to clean up our yard and not be THAT house on the block. Which we almost are. Our junk carrying neighbor has us beat but we are slowly keeping up with the Jonses.

Aubrey + Prunes = BAD NEWS

I mixed in some Prunes with Aubrey's rice last night before bed because shes been making some mean poop pushing faces lately. Well this morning we wake up well I was up way before her because if she is in the bed with me she has to be touching me at all times. Shes sleeping yet she manages to roll around and find me every time! Anyways we get outta bed and I put her on the floor turn my lap top on start checking my mail, myspace, bank account etc. She was playing with Trev's pretend fishing rod. All the sudden I look over and she has little black specs on her hands, face and look down and on her onesie. So basically she tried eating her shit and put it all over her. I have a call into the doc to make sure shes not going to get sick. But that was our first and last attempt at Prunes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trevors room!

BEFORE:Trevs before

Trev after

Trevors room

Spiderman of course

Yard work!!

I did some yard work this weekend. I worked on two of our three flower bed things near the door!! I think they look good. Esp for someone without a green thumb...Here are my flower beds...
I had even started a little on the beds at this point...Just shows how bad they were look at the bottom one...

My flower beds

This is what the yard looked like before I mowed it! Yes I MOWED IT!! I think Jeff was impressed I wasnt such a little drama queen about it. MY GOD that was hard work!! We still need to take the weed eater to some areas!

But here is the before.....
The snake pit

Freshly cut lawn

Now scroll back up. See the after pic, what a nice house that is right...Well when Jeff found a snake in the before pic I ran all the way to that persons drive way. I have never screamed so loud. I HATE SNAKES!!! I cannot stand them. Jeff was playing snake charmer and I was having a heart attack! So now Im constantly watching my step. I hate those devils. SO much for making that part of the yard pretty!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why cant I just pack?!

Its killing me. I have sat here and stared at stuff for hours and figured out HOW I will pack it but never got the job done. I hate packing, moving, remodeling...UGH

Cute pics from today


I never take good pics...But this a pretty good one!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

My BFF Tina was over at the house helping me get the kids rooms all set. We are sitting on the floor and Trev has this trash can that is a basketball net. So our code word was basketball. So trev started picking up toys...Basketball? Basketball? It was so funny!!

Then he stops stares at me and tina....TEEYA you have happles like Mommy! Happlals are nipples. OMG it was funny!

Its going out quicker then it is coming in

Well another 750 bucks out the door. We went to order the floors yesterday expecting to spend 250 less. However Jeff saw the floors he liked and went ahead and bought them anyways. He said if we bought the other ones they would have brought down the value of everything else we are doing to the house. They are pretty nice I must say. If we went to Lowe's or home depot they would have been like 3.00 a sq foot instead of the 1.29 we paid. I cant complain I guess. Debt just scares me and right now we have some.


I just thought about it to. I hope they go with my kitchen cabinets.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please stop it all now

Okay so I'm sitting here folding laundry and all the white shit has stains on them. Look like oil to me but I know that is impossible. So I get to the bottom of the pile and Jeff's work pants are in there. Okay now his boss pays Cintas to do my dirty work. Honestly I would never wash those things by choice. They start out grey and end up black by days end. So I call Jeff O yea well I just threw them in the load you had going the other day! Well did you happen to look in and notice they were white and more important Aubreys Gymboree, my bras etc. O well just go buy new ones...O okay sorry I forgot we could just waste money. Im going to throw a 20 out of my window next time I drive down Route 3 dick...

I LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8. However I think their daughter Maddie is a little brat. But Trevor has turned into her. I used to always be the calm mother never had to raise my voice, always looked so very put together. Now Im that lady with no make up on, her hairs a mess, screaming and yelling at Trev. He hits, throws things, runs around, disobeys. It just plain sucks. My mom keeps telling me when he hits 4 it will all get better. We shall see.

Gotta go Aubrey is eating my coupons and we all know they are my crack1

Aubreys room....

Its not perfect...We ended up painting the baseboards brown because it was a little easier and less time consuming. We are replacing them when we move in with white ones. Thats just another "winter project" Her closet doors and bedroom door isn't on yet, another thing that we can do when we get in there. Just tried to make it livable.


aubs room before

aubs room after


aubs room after


Aubreys finished room!

We had to paint her crown molding, trim, and walls from brown and red to pink, purple and chocolate brown. We had to replace her door, closet door, all outlets, the light switch, new windows are ordered, her ceiling was scraped and painted white. We also put brand new carpet in. It looks so cute. I'm doing to start decorating the next few days since we are stuck waiting for Jeff's brother which he may be in on Friday!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Carpets are in

The carpets are in!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kids are movin in!!!

YAY!! I ordered our Carpet tonight. The carpet is going in tomorrow. That means on Wednesday and Thursday I will be moving most of the kids shit in their rooms and getting them nice and decorated! I figure it will be a nice place for them to play while we are there getting work done!!

I don't know how I did it because I was so sore and so tired I was closing my eyes earlier while I was talking to my family. BUT I did get the rest of the kitchen ceiling painted and half of the bedroom. All that is left to paint ceiling wise now is the other half of the master bedroom and the bathrooms.

I never knew these muscles exhisted!!

OMG My whole right side from my ass to my arms to my back is so sore. I painted our HUGE living room ceiling, hallway and partial kitchen ceiling yesterday. I also raked up two of the 3 flower beds. They were basically all weeds. Two have flowers planted I still have to attack the last one. I also sanded the skim coat in the living room. So i guess between all that I'm sore. No complaints here. TO bad I cant do it ass could use a little toning.

It looks like tomorrow Jeff's brother is going to carpet the kids bedrooms on Tuesday!! Once he does that I will start setting up their rooms as much as possible. That way when we are there Aubrey can roll around all over the floor and play. Set up a tv so they can watch movies etc. THey will just need their closet doors on!

The dining room just needs the light to be put in and the floors down. He cant do those floors till the living room and kitchen are all set.

THe living room needs another coat of the skim coat to cover up the glue from the wood paneling, then a sanding, then I can paint and that room is all set to floor.

The kitchen we have to wait about a month for the cabinets but they are ordered. We have to take down the old wood stove opening and fill the hole in, replace the sheet rock we removed from the wood paneling, finishing painting, the ceiling, paint! lay the floors down. Then as soon as the cabinets come in those can go in and that room is done!!

The hallway needs all new sheet rock on! It then needs to be painted and its all set for floors

The bathroom needs the tub walls to be installed, the sheet rock and plaster to be done. THen we can install the toilet and vanity and mirror. After that is all in I can paint and then we can lay the tile.

The Master bedroom needs a coat of skim coat and paint then we are all set for carpets to come in.

The master bath we will attack once we are in the house. We just have to change the floors, replace the current vanity with a pedastool sink, change toilet seats, clean the shower and put a curtain in. New tile also.

So we do have a lot of work that needs to be done. However we are kinda on hold. Jeff will install the bathroom walls tonight. Hes also going to try and hang the blue board in the bathroom so his bro can plaster. Pretty much all this week all he can do is hang the sheet rock and wait for his bro to come. I'm going tonight to paint the ceiling in the master bedroom and finish the kitchen then I have done everything I can do until the plastering is done. However if his brother carpets tomorrow on Wednesday I will go in and start setting up the kids rooms!

O yea and not paying 3 dollars a load to do some laundry yesterday was SOOOO kick ass! OMG do I love having my own laundry room :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to you too!!

I still have yet to hear Happy Mothers Day. Im so pissed. I am probably taking the kids out to eat by myself cause god forbid Jeff not be at the house every waking moment. The kids haven't seen him in forever. I really really really HATE this house. Its sucking everything outta everyone!! I hate holidays they ALWAYS suck for me. O yea and Happy Mothers day to you too

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our new kitchen

We are getting THIS kitchen!!! Our fridge is side by side, our range is electric, our faucet is different. This is to show the cabinets and counter top. I think it looks pretty good myself. Thanks to our friend the kitchen designer!!


So tired but SO worth it!!

The house had so much shit left in it it wasnt even funny. Plus all the demo there was even more shit everywhere. Today Jeff and his brother got all the trash in the dumpster....The thing is huge and filled to the top!!

They also got the bath tub drain and faucets working.

They also got all the wood paneling off in the bedroom now we officially have NO wood paneling in the house.

They ripped up the carpets in all the rooms

THey had just finished putting the washer and dryer in when I left.

My mom cleaned up the yard a lot I still have a ton of weeding to do :(

They also replaced the missing sheet rock in the bedroom.

My brother and I put the lock on the back door

Finished Aubreys room

Painted ALL of Trevors room

We have a lot we are waiting on...

Jeff brother has to skim coat the living room again, the hall way and the master bedroom. He has to fix the master bathroom ceiling and then Plaster the bathroom. Once that is done I can paint all those rooms then we can lay the carpet, tile, or wood laminate.

The cabinets and counter top are ordered we are just waiting for them to come in.

We have to of course replace all the light fixtures, put the light on the outside.

Replace the smoke detectors

But its def coming along!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I LOVE wags this week

I LOVE me some Walgreens....

2 Covergirl Eyeliners
1 Covergirl Blush
2 Tide Laundry Detergent
3 3 packs of Bounty Paper Towels
5 6 packs of Charmin TP
2 Febreeze Noticables
2 Febreeze fabric sprays
16 Cascades
4 Crest Toothpaste
16 Gerber two packs of food
1 Venus Embrace Razor

For a total of 45 oop!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008



Floors.....983...we do have a 300 dollar gift card to technically 683 oop
Kitchen Cabinets and Counter top 2300
The remaining doors 210!!! However I think my mom will buy these :)

Thats just to get us IN the house!!

Then by the end of the summer we have to have the vinyl siding and shudders up!!

I keep telling myself this is a good investment!

On the good note I did get the chair rail painted today, the first coat of door paint on. I also got Aubreys window trim painted. I also primed Trevors room.

Tommorow I need to get the rest of the trim in the dining room primed and painted!

Trevors room painted!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I want to puke!!!

I just ran all the recipts I have on me Im sure there are more at the house in bags....So far we have spent 3277.90 between Home Depot and Lowes....

Well Trevor is being a little brat and trying to paint even though I told him not to so I will update more later!!!

To much junk food...

Since we started even searching for a house it took up a lot of our time. That is time that we would be cooking and eating meals, grocery shopping, etc. Since then we have major slacked on eating good complete meals I cooked every night. I feel so awful to put all this junk in all our systems. I really cant wait till this is over and we can go back to eating normal meals daily, going to bed at normal times, not getting home till 10:30. Oh and not feeling like a truck hit me the night before every morning when I wake up. We are taking a break tonight and going to Jeff's moms to celebrate Mothers Day with her since we cant take all day Sunday to go up and visit. Jeff cant get anytime off work because they are so over booked so all his time off really counts!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I need a stimilus

okay i know its free money and I shouldnt be bitching but where in the hell is our money?! According to the orignal plan it should have been here by the 9th. So now it should be even sooner then that. WTF I would love to have that money in my pockets right now :(

Monday, May 5, 2008

I got something done...

My mom came over and watched the kids....I was able to get to the house and paint Aubreys ceiling and tape up and paint the chair rail in the dining room(well prime it).

On Thursday when i go back I'm going to tape the top of the walls so I can prime the crown molding and doorways. If I have time I will tape Aubrey's room off for the trim paint.

Jeff was able to get the window out and all of them measured. He was also able to take the tub out and get the walls demo'd in the bathroom. We have nothing left to do in the bathroom but wait for Jeffs brother to plaster!!!



I paid 29.69 oop

I bought:

4 Crest Toothpastes
12 Cascade laundry detergent
2 Febreeze fabric refershers
8 2 packs of Gerber Baby food
1 Gillette Venus Razor
4 6 pack of Charmin Toilet Paper
2 4 packs of Bounty paper towels
2 Tide Laundry Detergents
1 Dish Soap

Total Sale price would have been EVEN more if they werent just on sale!! The total should have been around 100!!!

Check out the flyer for awesome register rewards!!

Cheap Cereal!!!

This week at Shaw's General Mills Cereal is 10/20. When you spend 20 dollars you get a 10 dollar off coupon. Making them 10/10. Use the many $1/2 coupons out there and make them 10/5!!! Now Jeff can take a box of cereal to work for the week. .10 cents a day for cereal about .60 for milk making breakfast .70 cents a day!!! CANT BEAT THAT!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Im so stressed its not even funny!!

Anyways today we did get a lot done. Its hard for me to see the end of the tunnel but hopefully it comes clearer. The living room paneling that we painted yesterday came down. The wall is prepped for Jeff's brother to come re-plaster!!

The brick wall in the kitchen is down, the drywall was removed and ready for Jeffs brother to plaster!

The dining room is painted. I just have to paint the chair rail, trim, and touch ups.

Aubreys bedroom is painted. I just need to paint the trim

ALL ceilings are scraped.(I just have to paint them all!)

my goals this week are to get Aubrey and the dining room DONE and ready to carpet

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The doors are on with new locks and the sill was replaced!!

The master bedroom, master bathroom and Trevor's bedroom are all scraped!!! We still need the living room(about 1/3 of the way done), dining, Aubrey's room, hallway and other bathroom.

We primed the living room and had it painted and OMG what a world of difference. It looked great the brightness was amazing to me.

Then I get a call from Jeff the wall is waving. He took the walls off and they flattened out. So Im thinking that because the moisture and where they were locked down it buckled. So hopefully tomorrow we can just pop the two pieces we took off back on and they will all be flat. If not we will remove them and put them in the master bedroom where we would have to replace ALL the walls. They are nasty wood paneling by the way.

Clean Fridge DONE!!

The bathroom is also gutted and waiting for my brother in law to come and plaster.

Tomorrows I have to figure out the living room and paint the dining room and Trevor's room.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Goals for the weekend....

Maybe I wont slack if I feel like I have to answer to someone....

Get new doors and locks put on and replace the sill....

Get ceilings scraped(living, kitchen, bathroom, hallway)

Paint the living, dining, hallways ceilings, trim, windows, doors and walls...

Clean Fridge

This week....

Paint the ceilings, walls, trim in the kids bedrooms...

Work on the yard more!!

We are homeowners...

As of 11 a.m. on May 1st we became home owners. We are now house poor. The house needs too much work. Jeff and I are fighting like cats and dogs. I will probably take the kids and move in with my mom for a month or two because I refuse to live there till it is at my standards.