Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We aren't closing tomorrow as we were supposed to...Long story basically our financing is all set. The title to the house was refinanced and the original loan wasn't closed properly. Until it is we cant close. We have written okay from the bank(the seller) till the 9th to clear this up or it all blows up in our face.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Guess what I was doing a year ago today!!

Thats right we got hitched. I was 4.5 months prego with Aubrey and in my defense we had our wedding planned for 5 months before that little snot was conceived. I cant believe we made it to a year. We don't claim to have the perfect marriage because we do not. We don't see eye to eye a lot, we aren't lovey dovey all the time,but we do love each other in our own special way. Who would have thought we would be buying a house. If you told us that last year today I would not have believed you. Anyways heres some pics...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Everything is all set it seems

I had to go on Friday morning to the Mortgage office. The underwriter and done his thing and it was back with the assistant. She had to look everything over one last time then it was going to be closed!!! She said she would get to it Friday afternoon or Monday morning. We have the closing scheduled for Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Lets hope it doesn't change and we don't lose the house last minute because of it. We have already been to Home Depot twice and picked out our paints, doors, etc!! YAY 2.5 days and we could be home owners, in debt, and owners of a HUGE fixer upper ;)


We went to this small kinda crappy but cheap zoo we normally go to a few times a year. I didnt realize how much Trev LOVES animals. He always walks around with these cheap animals I got on clearance for like 2.50 at Target after Christmas. Well we get there and he finds a MAP!! SO he of course had to stop every 5 mins and check the map and decide which animal we were to see next. He would stop and stare for about 10 mins with each animal. Then he wanted to shoot them(he plays a hunting game on ps2 with daddy) We had to tell him that wasn't okay to talk about at the zoo lol.. He has such a blast. He was a little confused as to why reindeer's don't have antlers, why flamingos stunk, why there was a macaw and deigo was nowhere to be found....It was cute...We had dinner at the Rain forest Cafe after it was a great weekend.

You read the sign dont feed the animals...


Deciding where we were going next....

The stinky flamingos....
The big CAT......
At the Petting Zoo...
Aubrey enjoying her Puffs....


At the Rain forest cafe after looking for Dory.....

Aubrey is 8 months old

Dont mind my bootleg way of copying and pasting pics....O well you know how I am. Anyways. She has 2 teeth already and drooling like crazy so I'm sure more are coming in. Shes finally able to fall asleep on her own if we just put her in the crib. Sitting up and rolling all around. She refuses to crawl. Shes a little less dramatic and better with people. Just think 4 more months and she will be off the boob...You don't care but I do. I cannot WAIT to be free of the leach again.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Dear Carrie..

Dear Carrie Underwood

Why are you so pretty?! Why can you sing?! Why are you so flawless? Why are you so skinny?! Your britney spears fuck up is coming. Your just to perfect. Or am I just to jealous!!

Thats all for now


Appraisial is in

AND IT IS GOOD!!! It came in at 173000!!!! We have a loan for 153000!! So we already have 20k in equity!! YAY!! So as soon as the year is up we get to take the pmi off our mortgage payment making it 69 dollars less then it is!! Im so excited about that.

It did come back about missing pieces of siding and flooring which sucks because we plan on replacing the floor before we move in and the siding in a year or so. But if we have to fix it to get the loan whatever :)

Looks like things are going great and we will be closing on April 30th. But I'm sure we will get 400 more road blocks because thats how this process has been going

Sunday, April 20, 2008

financial commitment

Well on Friday around 9 we get a call from our agent the commitment is done. Jeff ran and signed it and grabbed it from the loan officer. We still need to give them a ton of stuff. So it seemed like everything was in place.

Well there is one little problem. On the trim of the garage there is about a 1 ft tall space on the trim of the garage. It has some termite damage. The home inspector said all we have to do is cut out the wood, remove it and replace it with new wood. Then have a termite company come out and treat it and the problem is solved!!

Well according to the loan lady if they appraiser mentions it we are fucked because then we wont qualify for the loan program we signed up for.

i swear to you if anything can go bad it will....GRRR

On the good note we went to the zoo and rainforest cafe on saturday and the park all day today. So it was a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Okay so we have less then 2 weeks till we HAVE to close. We have been calling the mortgage company this lady never calls me back, never returns emails. I'm so stressed out. We need to know whats going on. I don't think we are asking much. Just yes the appraiser has been ordered. Or yes things are getting started with the underwriter. I'm not giving our notice at the apartment until we have the keys in our hands. I have a feeling that people will drag their ass and not get everything done buy the 30th and they will foreclose and everything will go up in smoke. I'm so nervous and stressed. Pray for my sanity!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have been spending so much money. Just buying stuff for a house, buying the kids summer clothes etc. I really need to go back to how i was before. Last night I went and returned about 200+ dollars worth of stuff. It felt so good. I need to get back to staying home all the time, staying away from the stores, and savings tons and tons of money. Esp since this week I had to let go of the 1000 for a good faith, 400 for a home inspection, and 500 for an appraisal. I still have to bring around 1800 to closing....UGH dont even get me started on all the home repairs we will need.

On the good note today I went and cleaned out our closets, packed a little, and got stuff organized. I did make some brownies and I am actually cooking dinner tonight. I hate when I get into those depressed times. I shop as therapy and in the end just make myself more depressed.

Aubrey still isn't crawling big shocker!! Shes so lazy and just loves being lazy and having us do everything for her. Trev is so smart and cannot wait to go to school. He is so fascinated by everything...AND FINALLY HES POTTY TRAINED!! The year long fiasco has finally ended. Hes been sleeping in Undies. Im so proud of him as he is of himself!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Buy 5 Pepsi products get a 5 dollar gift card.

I purchased the 5 for 15. I used 2 1 dollar off coupons found on their website! I also used a 10 percent off target coupon. and I earned a 5 dollar gift card. Making them about 1.34 a piece if you factor in the gift card.

Ocello sponges were clearance for 1.14 and I used 3 1 dollar coupons making them 38 cents for all 3 or 12 cents a piece

I got a dora and a spider man hooded towel for 5 bucks a piece

Monday, April 14, 2008

Love that dirty water...


O yea little mini red sox fans!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Inspection

The home insepction went suprisingly well. I thought for sure we would find a ton of shit wrong with it and need to walk away.

The roof needs to be replaced within the next 5 years.

There was a little bit of "discoloration" in the attic which could lead to mold. Jeff just has to sand and paint.

There is a slight termite problem its about a foot and a half worth of wood. We just have to replace the wood and maybe treat it later.

The electric is newer, the plumbing is newer. It seemed to go very well for what it is and the price we paid!!

Im just worried about financing now. Certain things could be a safety hazard and not allow us the loan program we applied for. Just because we are first time home buyers. Also I opened a credit card in Jeff's name a few weeks ago. That could hurt us and make us not get the mortgage. We were approved for 185. The loan is for 156 and our debt is less. So hopefully not but if its not mean to be I wont shed a tear. That is one house I really wouldn't care if I lost. It needs SOOOOO much work!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its official!!

We are under contract as of today! Holy SHIT!! We have our inspection tomorrow. As long as that goes well we will have the keys in our hands by April 30th. We are hoping to take the whole month of May and do all the renovations that we need to do!! Any help doing demo, painting, laying floors, landscaping, moving etc will be greatly appreciated!

We dont pee on trees!!

So the other day we were at the park! I was sitting down in the grass feeding Aubrey some puffs talking to another mom with a peanut Aubrey's age...Then all the sudden I see Trev coming over tugging at his button. I think to myself he must have to pee. So he says mommy i gotta go potty. I'm like okay hold it in. So I look over and hes whipping his pants down. So I run over to him grab them lift them up and let him know we dont show people our pee pee. So I lift his pants back up and go back to locking Aubrey in the stroller. I GOTTA GO PEE PEE MOMMY. I said Trev I'm working on it! Well hes whipping his pants down walking over to a tree. So I had to whip them up again and run him to the porta potty. He afterwards told me that we let him pee outside a lot...When we are driving, when we are looking at houses and they are winterized. So he didn't know. But it was very funny looking back at it. I had a lot of women laughing at the park!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

House update!!!

Okay so around noon I finally get the call. My agent said she got a verbal agreement that we got the house as the offer stands. However we will have to close by the end of the month!!!!! Thats 2.5 weeks!! I called Jeff he said okay! So I called her back. She told me okay she had to call the financing and of course the original lady still cant do it. So she was talking with Countrywide and they can do it we just have to find out which countrywide person to go with. I asked if I could tell people she said no wait till we have all the paper work signed. But its pretty much there. So fuck her I'm telling the world lol. Just keep your fingers crossed that this goes well!!

CVS Cover girl

I cant really use their foundation my skin is so sensitive. If I cant use it I can throw it in my moms mothers day or Christmas basket! Anyways here is the deal!

2 True Blend Compact Foundation 6.99 each
2 Whipped True Blend Foundations at 9.87 each

Total: 33.72
-CG bogo 19.74
-CVS 4/20

Total 9.98
ECB 2.99
ECB 4.99

Total oop: 2.00

I will earn 10 dollars for spending 20 this week.
For the monthly deal I will earn 12 dollars for the whipps.

A gain of 14.02 in ECB!!

Wags 5/20 Today only!!!!

This coupon kinda sucks. I hated it last time it came out. Your total AFTER coupons has to be 20. So not great but whatever....

Pur Filters(actually need these badly) 19.99
3 Duracell Battery 8 packs 5.39*3 10.58
1 Venus 3 pack disposbale razor 6.00 (I will earn 3 dollars in RR)
4 packs of aluminum foil(GREAT for BBQ) 3.00 (ON SALE THIS WEEK)

Total: 38.57
Pur Wags coupon -5.00
Pur filter coupon -1.00
Wags batteries coupon -4.58
2 Duracell manu coupons -2.00
2 Aluminum foil coupons -2.00
1 Venus coupon -2.00
Total: 22.99
5/20 Wags coupon 17.99!!

I will then go and use my 3 dollar RR for some milk for the week since milk is like water around here!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

house update!

Well Tuesday came and went. We got more and more mad!! So today I meet with my Realtor because we were going to look at two houses. We looked at them of course both CRAP!

We are in such a weird price range. A decent house needing a little updating in a good neighborhood with a nice yard is about 215k. We are in the 185-190k range. So we are RIGHT THERE!!

She tells me she hasn't heard from the selling agent since Saturday. I'm like WHAT you need to call his office talk to his supervisor do whatever you need. Thats just ridiculous. So she promised me she was going to get a hold of someone and get to the bottom of things. This was at 11 this morning.

I take Trev to the park for two hours, grab some lunch, pick up my bro, go to another park for about a hr and then go to Barnes and Nobles. On the way there I get a call from my realtor.

Amanda, its Janet...OKAY. Shes like well I got a hold of the selling agent. Originally they declined your offer. Then the selling agent told them WHY TAKE THIS OFFER!! They said well the house has a market value of 190k. The selling agent basically laughed. So the bank ordered the BPO. They got it Monday morning and found out its actually worth(market wise) about what we offered. They can only take a loss of a certain percentage so they were evaluating our offer. They had to accept it or counter with the amount that is closer to the percentage of the loss they can take! She said that we will hear(according to the bank) by the end of today or early tomorrow. I asked her to call me before she left for the day to let me know either way. They had it all together were just waiting for management approval. However its 5:05 and I have yet to hear anything so most likely it will be tomorrow that I hear. WTF another sleepless night, upset stomach etc. I just want to know. I'm so sick of playing the waiting game.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I went today and I spent 150 dollars...OMG I know I shouldn't have. I was only supposed to spend 75!! Anyways...When I got home I added up all the tags for what I got it should have been 710 dollars!!! O YEA!! Some in 6-12...Most however in 2T and 3T!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lets be honest...

Im in a mood. I have been for about two days. My meds arent working and Im depressed, angry etc.

Im so sick of Aubrey crying all the damn time. She wont let anyone go near her besides myself or Jeff and sometimes not even Jeff. Get a clue your 7 months old if you hate the world now you have a long tough road ahead of you! If she had it her way she would be on the boob 50 percent of the time, being held 25, and eating jar food the other 25. Thats right no sleeping because she refuses to sleep unless shes on top of me so I cant sleep or cuddled up to my stomach grabbing my shirt with her feet on me in some form or another!

As for Trev he needs to stop acting out for attention. The kid will do great not have accidents for a long time. Then because he wants attention I swear he pees. Yesterday for the first time in the year since we have been trying to potty train him he pissed all over the floor. Normally he just pees a little realized it and runs to the bathroom. Nope not yesterday. I got to escape for a hour and came home as Im talking to Tina (who I haven't seen in forever and its starting to annoy me I need some adult time) to Jeff yelling at Trev and Trev crying. Even though I made the doc tell Jeff hes going about it the wrong way and Trev will never potty train!!

AND finally the big fuck you to my husband. I love the fact that you can sleep. Its really great. When I'm up every 2 hours with your daughter that refuses to sleep when I look over at you snoring it really makes me want to punch you. Then when you wake up late and wake my daughter up who might for once in her life sleep in a little it doesn't make me want to physically harm you!! O and your spoiled. You wear me down and get everything you want. I want a newer car. Ive come to realize the fact I will never have a new car. But come one my car has 200k miles on it, rusting and is older then most your nieces and nephews. O and this house we WILL be hiring contractors. I WILL not be sitting around waiting for you to complete the worlds longest list of home improvements.

See what happens when Amanda doesn't get any alone time or sleep all weekend! I hope my mood gets better. Because I have been one nasty bitch.

Scrubbing Bubbles...

If you know me you know I hate cleaning bathtubs, floors, walls and fridges. However my OCD makes me keep up with them. So I waited and waited and finally a good deal popped up on the Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner system. This thing is GREAT! Our shower looks a ton better from when I put it in a week ago. Its well worth the money!! It is kinda loud though. But to keep me from scrubbing the shower all the time since Jeff's grease gets all over it I'm a happy woman spending the money for refills!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Update on the house

On Wednesday the 26th of March we put a offer in on a house that needs a lot of work. All cosmetic but it needs a ton of it. It was listed at 180k with third party approval. Its been on the market for a month. After the past two houses I gave in to Jeff saying lets put a offer in and see what happens. So we put a offer in of 156k. We waited and waited and waited some more. The 27th the seller had accepted it and sent it to the bank. We didn't hear a thing. Then on Thursday my agent called to tell me they put a BPO...A BPO is when the bank has a agent go out to the property and say how much its market value is not appraisal value. She said it could take a few weeks. So I get a call on Saturday saying the BPO has been submitted and we will know on Tuesday. So lets see what happens. I really don't want this house because its a TON of work. However I don't want to keep looking for houses...This place is a total dump and we will have to take a good 2-3 4 day weekends and evenings after Jeff gets outta work to go and scrape ceilings, paint, put new floors down...Eventually put on molding, replace doors, knock out walls, update kitchen and bathrooms. A TON of work!!


I spent 22.06 oop and earned 43 ECBS. I spent 13 right away so I walked out earning 30!!

I bought:

1 pack of Huggies Pull Ups
2 Packs of size 3 Huggies
11 2 packs of baby food
3 Gerber Juices
2 CVS brand wipes
1 8 pack of Bounty Paper TOwels
2 4pk Daisy Razors
12 Gift Bags

My plan for next week.....

Buy 2 Diabeties Monitors
8 packs of Asprin
3 Gift Bags

Total: 66.37
-CVS Coupons 12
-ECBS 20
-Manu Coupons-29.98

Total oop 4.39 I will earn 66.37 in ecb :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Linens and Things

I had a great day at Linens and Things...

I went to buy two pasta holders...they were 11.99 a piece. So I found a set that was 19.99 for a 7 canister set. To make the deal even sweeter it came to 9.99 after MIR. Then I had a 20 percent off coupon so I will pay 6.00 when all is said and done :)

Then i got the scent of the month Yankee candle for 45 percent off!

I also have been eyeing these cute hooks...I may go back for more next week. They have been 9.99 so I wont buy them. However this week it was buy one get one half off. I also got to use my 20 percent off coupons I paid 7 for both of them :)

Jeff hissed the whole shopping Trip but whatever I dont care.

Hug your babies!

I just read that Ethan Powell has passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to that poor little boys family. I can only imagine how hard his parents hearts are hurting. However they are keeping the faith. I couldn't imagine my kids being that sick let alone having surgeries or the unspeakable dying. I took this so hard. I don't know why. I really am so greatful to have two very healthy kids. Fly little angel baby to heaven and watch over your mom and dad!

Friday, April 4, 2008

We are going away!!!!

Our one year wedding anniversary is April 28th. I wanted to go out to a nice dinner spend about 50 bucks. Plus we would each get each other something another 100 at least I'm sure. Well I found out about a great deal at a Lodge that has a indoor water park, restaurants, arcades, etc. for 99 a night! So we are going to load up the kids and go away for our anniversary. I'm so excited!

My trip to Target

Ive been doing bad. I was doing good going once every two weeks. Now I'm back to every week. I need to cut the shit. I am going to try not to go in there until April 18th or longer if possible. However if a great deal is in the flyer I will go with Jeff...He will make me get in and out. However for 57.77 I purchased 113 dollars worth of stuff! Im pretty pissed to say 14.81 of that is Mothers Day cards for my mom, Jeffs mom, one to each of them from the kids which I may return and one for my aunt! GRRRR...

Heres the list:

Spider man table cover
2 spiderman dinner plates
2 spiderman dessert plates
1 treat sack
2 spiderman napkins
watercolors for trev
scissors for trev
paper for the printer
5 cards
baby oragel gum cleaner
2 dog collars
3 imagnext toys for trev for x mas
a pumice stone
spiderman crayons
edge shaving creme
strech dino pack
2 ribbons body wash by oil of olay
thermal pedicure from oil of olay
ziploc freezer bags
dove shampoo
a princess dress up for Aubrey for x mas :)

Dont be goofy!

Yesterday I told Trev if he did good all day like hes been with the potty we would go to a surprise place. Well he did very good so we went to Chuck E cheese. However we didn't tell him.

So we were getting off the highway and he saw it and started screaming CHUCK E CHEESE CHUCK E CHEESE I so e cited. Jeff was like no Trev we are going to go to the clothes store and get a jacket. Trevor quickly responded NO. Yea you need a new jacket Trev....Trev said NO I don't need a new jacket daddy....STOP BEING GOOFY... It was very cute.

We had a blast. It wasn't overly crowded like the weekends. Trev was able to walk around and take his time and play whatever games he wanted. For once Jeff held Aubrey and I actually got to play with him. He also ate a ton. The kids def going through a growth spurt.

Speaking of food I let him have a pop tart for the first time in his life the other day. He gobbled it up and has been asking for more since. I don't like letting him have that type of junk food for this exact reason!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Do you need a bandaid?

I was sitting here minding my own doing my homework and Trev comes in and I wasn't paying attention to him...

Trevor: Mommy can I have this band aid?

Me:(thinking he is afraid of band aids so I look up and start laughing bc I see this)


Trevor: What I want this band aid.

Me: Trevor that isn't a band aid its a pad.

Trevor: (goes and grabs the box) SEEE its a big box of band aids. Can I have it pease

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CVS Essence of Beauty

Great deal!

Essence of Beauty has a sale going on. Buy 3 products get 5 ECB. I bought a wide variety of things for my moms Mothers Day basket....Nail cleaners, face loofas, scrubbers, toe seperaters etc. The most I spent was 1.99 a piece. However here is a way to make the most of the ECB

7 bags @ 1.49 a piece 10.43
Use the 2/10 CVS Brand Purchase
OOP 8.43 earn 10 ECB

Next transaction.

8 bags @ 1.49 a piece 11.92
Soft Soap Spa 4.99
Total 16.91
-Use a 3/15 Beauty
- 1.50 Soft Soap from this weeks paper.
- 10 ECB from previous purchase
Total oop 2.41
You will earn 19.99 in ECB to use towards a future purchase.

Num Nums, Wags and CVS

Trevor: Mommy do Num Num's(M&M's) make me strong?
Me: NO they make you fat!
Trevor: No dont say that they make me big and strong.
Me: Eats another hand ful lol


I want to buy one of those Scrubbin Bubbles shower kits. They are on sale this week at Wags from 24.99 to 19.99. There was a 10 dollar coupon in this weeks paper. Wags also has a rebate or coupon in their easy saver book making it 4.99. GREAT DEAL. Esp since Ive wanted one for so long but Im WAYYY to cheap to pay anywhere near full price.


Getting ready for CVS baby deal next week. Gerber products, Huggies, and Diaper Genie refills buy 25 worth get 10 ECB. Use manu coupons and if your lucky enough to get the 2 dollar CVS coupon for huggies makes for a GREAT deal!