Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa's Party at Charmingfare Farm

It was pretty cool. I would DEF recommends Edaville in Carver, MA over it but you live and learn. You arrive there, check in and can check out some animals. They have roosters, lamb, sheep, pigs, turkeys, etc. Then you ride a horse drawn carriage thing to Santa's Party. When you get there you can buy overpriced Burgers and hot dogs. You get free cookies and Chocolate Milk from Mrs. Claus. Santa is there along with the Grinch and other fairy tale creatures. Then you get in a tractor go and feed Santa's Reindeer and check out more animals...Cougar or Mountain Lion, Wolf, Bears, Camel etc. It was pretty fun. Trev wasn't as excited as he was at Edaville. He did love the Animals. He just wasn't into all the stuffed creatures! The line wasn't to bad waiting to get into the ride itself. It was so cold. However it was beautiful. It snowed the whole time. The horses were HUGE! Trev was so fascinated by them. He could have cared less at the Party and thought Santa looked different then at the mall! He loved feeding the Reindeer and seeing all the animals. They both passed out on the way home.

Pics of course!



Mom2Max&Alex said...

How stinking cool is that place!! I wish we had something like that around here. Looks like both kids enjoyed.

Tams* said...

Santa looks pretty good!!!
The grinch and gingerbread man are pretty cool!!!!