Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthday parties

This weekends marks the 4th birthday party of my "baby"! Where in the hell has time gone? I cannot believe that he is about to be 4. He wont actually turn 4 till the end of the month so I have a few more weeks to cry about it. We are having ANOTHER Spiderman birthday party. Most of our family cannot make it this year it will be a lot of our friends and his friends from school! I wanted to touch up paint and get a ton more organized but that just didn't happen this week. I will get the basement spotless tonight and all ready to go. Tomorrow I will get the upstairs nice and neat, decorate, bake the cake and prepare stuffed shells with my friends. I had NO idea what to get him. He kept asking for this Alien making set I refused to buy bc I am OCD and cant handle mess. I caved and got it for him only because I was able to get it for 11.00! He should have a lot of fun this weekend because Sunday we are going to Santa's Party at a local farm! 2 hours outside in the possible rain! We get to take a horse drawn carriage ride to Santa's house, stop for Hot Chocolate and cookies, take a train ride back through a village of lights! I will take tons of pics and try and post them by Monday!

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